Singapore attractions : Nia's 21St Birthday

I convey to give thank you lot for the long long weekend concluding week, i spent several days at home. It's really HOME, the identify where i spent my childhood too my teenager. The identify where i did approximately fun things amongst schoolmates. too the identify where woman bring upwardly would ever locomote inwards my side. As ever i never forget to run across my bestfriends inwards every my house's visit. And directly I had approximately plans to convey an amateur photograph session amongst my friends, i took the identify close my solid then. It is at Grand Wisata residence Tambun Bekasi.

Then i desire to part most my bestfriend 21st birthday, Kurnia Dewi Sekar Tanjung. She's 1 of my best friend i ever had. i met her firstly when i was inwards junior highschool. We've been a chairmate for iii years too until nowadays nosotros nonetheless locomote a expert friend. I gave her a scrapbook alike amongst frame, ordered it inwards Tissa Florika, my college mate. For details information click her blog

Happy 21st birthday the futurity dentist Nia, i'm therefore lucky having you lot equally my bestfriend. May this birthday locomote only the foremost of a yr filled amongst happy memories, wonderful moments, too shining dreams. (Eva from left amongst the light-green skirt, Nia amongst the pinkish skirt too me amongst the orangish outwear)

 This is the present. taraaaaa..........
When Tissa made this, i asked her to capture approximately processing documentatios, too she agreed. therefore these are the process. Enjoy :D

ps : For you lot guys who involvement to order, you lot tin plough over the sack click Tissa's blog for details info.


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