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Here i go, my 3rd times visiting Singapore. it held inward the terminate of august. Actually, my conception was alone travell to bangkok, thailand. Nia who is my travelling partner this fourth dimension suggested me to view Singapore for a few days. To go honest i was non interested to larn dorsum there, but since nia hasn't been there, in addition to she truly desire to view Singapore, i set Singapore inward my itinerary. Well it's truly non a problem, moreover i never larn a risk to view Universal Studio Singapore. And i idea that fourth dimension would go my fourth dimension !

So, i bought the tickets inward 29th august, took air asia's morn flight, the flying was taken 2 hours thirty minutes in addition to indonesia's fourth dimension is 1 threescore minutes behind Singapore's time. Landed safely at Changi International airport, nosotros straight took MRT to larn the hotel. Because Nia is much to a greater extent than girly than me, So she requested to pick out the someone room to stay. When i offered her many choices of hostel which absolutely would go cheaper than a hotel fares, she clearly refused it. Because of i reckon to the depression budget, i was looking for the cheapest hotel inward Singapore, in addition to the alternative was Amerise Hotel, Geylang, Singapore. I already know, that Geylang district is pop yesteryear its blood-red district. This was also my 2d fourth dimension staying at geylang district, in addition to truly that was non that creepy at all. 

Back to our arrival from airdrome to the hotel, nosotros stopped at Aljunied station which i await on the map is the nearest station to larn the hotel. Handled the agoda voucher in addition to the impress out of its address in addition to map place which i got from the website. Only carrying 1 threescore liter carrier inward my back, i walked faster than Nia who await busy in addition to tired amongst her 1 big luggage in addition to other additional bags. 
Walked virtually xv minutes, of a precipitous Nia complained on how far we've walked, she ever asked me whether we're almost there. And eventually, nosotros got the hotel, i talked to an quondam singaporean lady who was sitting behind the receptionist tabular array whose the possessor of the hotel. Fyi because of the high daily toll of Singapore, Singapore citizen who called Singaporean decided to manage their ain work organisation yesteryear themselves.

It didn't demand much fourth dimension to cheque into the hotel, the staffs were all prissy in addition to spoke english fluently. Opened the room, i in addition to Nia surprisingly starred each other, the room was thus small, the size was virtually 3mx3m amongst 1 double bed, 1 tabular array mirror, in addition to 1m x 1.5m shower room. But it's quite expert for tourists who demand a expert house to rest amongst the depression fare.
After took shower, nosotros went out the hotel based on my itinerary. It's shopping day. We went to centre betoken in addition to IKEA. There wasn't station close the IKEA location, thus according to the informations i receive got got from browsing, We receive got to took the mrt in addition to stopped at blood-red colina station, in addition to then walked out in addition to across the street to accomplish the coach station, took the coach set out 64/33 in addition to stopped at centre betoken halte.

From IKEA, nosotros were going to Orchard road, walked unopen to the orchard road, from mall to some other mall. Shopped here, shopped there, bought King H2O ice cream for 2 times. Took photos everywhere, chilled out at the pedestrian, sat relaxed in addition to starred singaporean who walked much faster than indonesian.
The addicted King Ice Cream
Second 24-hour interval inward Singapore, it's gonna go a long total 24-hour interval out for Universal Studio Singapore trip. From Aljuined station, nosotros were heading to Harbourfont Station which is located on vivo metropolis basement. Went to the 3rd flooring of vivo metropolis in addition to works life the sentosa limited monorail. 

Nia, spotted inward front end of Aljuined Station of Singapore
Geylang Road
Interchange Station inward Vivo City Mall
Busy Time for Singaporean 

Bought sentosa limited monorail for 3sgd (return tickets)
Nia, spotted inward Hollywood region
Took The battlestar galatica 2 times, It is the tallest dueling coaster inward the world; tipping at 42.5 metres (139 ft)
Me in addition to Nia were taken inward front end of optimus robot
Grabbed the churos !
i was reading USS map
Me amongst betty bob character

We spent thus much fun times at USS Studio, it was already nighttime nosotros went dorsum to the hotel, nosotros stopped at dim amount eating theatre for dinner. Arrived at the hotel, nosotros had to packed all the bags for tomorrow's flying to Bangkok. See y'all at Bangkok's posting !


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