Things to do in Singapore: Striding Out Inward Gaston Luga Clässy Mini

When Swedish brand Gaston Luga announced the launch of a mini version of their Clässy backpack, i of their bestselling models, I was ecstatic. Unlike its nurture version, the mini version is handy, lightweight as well as best of all “forces” me to pack to the minimum.

That agency packing alone the necessities as well as non overstuffing my pocketbook alongside everything else I idea peradventure what I need. Adopting the same pattern as well as material, the cutting as well as the cloth complete boosts the same classy touches. This pack is essentially best for petite girls similar me or fifty-fifty for the kiddos. So, how nigh a twosome pocketbook for the parents as well as kids? Definitely suitable for piece of employment as well as play I say.

All the More Joy

Because of its smaller frame as well as lightweight canvas, the backpack was a joy to bear as well as yous don’t bring to worry nigh having your things getting buried inside a huge bag. Does non tally A4 size. 
As alongside all Gaston Luga's backpacks (except Clässy Mini), each comes alongside its signature passport pocket at the dorsum of the backpack - where yous tin ship away utilization to shop of import documents i.e. passport, cards, cash that yous involve to access easily spell on the road. It's minimalistic, however luxe as well as functional all the same. 
Read my review of the other backpack - Gaston Luga Praper Backpack.

New Customizable Feature: Exchangeable Flap-Tops

You tin ship away alter the hold off of your backpack whenever yous desire alongside our exchangeable flap tops inward diverse unlike colours. The flap-tops are held to the backpack alongside a potent zipper, which makes it slow as well as convenient to switch out. 

Find it here.

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