Best Place to visit in Singapore : 24-Hour Interval I - From Keflavik Aerodrome To Reykjavik (60 Kms)

We landed at Keflavik Airport at 10h15, on 1 June. When yous approach the airport, yous await exterior the window and, yous actually experience similar landing exterior of Planet Earth. I mean value it’s the closest to province on the Luna that nosotros tin experience. It’s 1 unique experience and, i actually recommend it. If nosotros were excited whit our trip, nosotros got a lot more.

Keflavik Airport it’s a minor but rattling functional airport. It didn’t own got a lot of fourth dimension for us to leave of absence the airport.  We beak before at the Duty-free experience, yous tin banking firm jibe it inwards a previous post.

We rented our automobile at Thrifty a few months before our travel. Taking into employment organisation human relationship they rest less than 1km exterior the airport, they own got a shuttle that is rattling efficient and, fifty-fifty toe nosotros only missed 1 trip (we were looking at the van within the aerodrome when it was leaving outside) it was less than fifteen minutes before it come upwards again. We tin hold off within the aerodrome and, only when the van arrives, nosotros larn outside. We were a trivial afraid of the mutual frigidness (we come upwards from sunny Portugal) but, when nosotros leave of absence the airport, it wasn’t then bad at all. H5N1 trivial similar our Portuguese wintertime and, the proficient tidings was that it forest hold out the coldest that nosotros forest larn at Iceland. I mean value nosotros were actually lucky almost that.

We’ve booked a Ford Focus for the trip but, when nosotros arrived, they hand us a cool Citroen C4 Cactus, Diesel. It was construct novel and, nosotros own got to nation it was a bully fellowship for the trip. We don’t own got whatever complains almost the rental car, all perfect. Renting the automobile cast 1 June to 8 was €336, summation €24 of the booster spot for the child.


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