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 As lodge captain at the begin of 2004-05. His begin flavor equally skipper ended amongst Barca claiming the Liga title. The adjacent twelvemonth they won both La Liga together with the Champions League. After Guardiola replaced Frank Rijkaard equally coach, Puyol lifted all 6 trophies available inward the calendar twelvemonth 2009: La Liga, Copa del Rey, Castilian Supercopa, Champions League, European Super Cup together with World Club Cup.
Guardiola, Xavi, Iniesta together with Lionel Messi took many of the plaudits, but Puyol's contribution was but equally of import equally anyone else's. There was something almost cliched nearly his flowing mane, pumping fists together with inspirational roars, but nobody doubted that his winning mental attitude was contagious. Although brusque for a centre back, together with non the fastest, he was commanding on both the dry soil together with inward the air. There was e'er enough of aggression together with amount commitment, but Puyol was non a muddy player, existence sent off exclusively twice inward his whole career.
His grapheme most famously came through when he invited Eric Abidal to bring together him inward lifting the Champions League trophy at Wembley inward May 2011, but weeks later on the French defender underwent a liver transplant.Everybody gave honour to Abidal together with and thus for sure to the capt of the Catalan who gave thus much inspiring moments to all of us
The 36-year-old was retiring later on 593 games for Barca, during which he won 21 trophies all equally captain.He e'er last inspiring capt inward history of the club.


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