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First of all, I am AET sponsor cadet as well as beingness through my minute twelvemonth practical grooming on unsmooth crude oil tanker. My start send was Eagle Trenton as well as I got sign on at Lake Charles, United State of America. Then, my minute send was Eagle Virginia as well as got sign on at Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. There were a lot of cognition as well as experiences I got from this 2 ships as well as I volition shared a few of it here.
  So, during my start ship, truly I got truly scared to bring together because I heard a lot of things from my seniors virtually how they volition process a cadet on board addition I was lone every bit cadet at that spot  but however I pushed myself to confront it whatsoever happens. I was lucky dorsum as well as then because I was joined at that spot alongside 1 AB as well as 1 Electrician from Malaysia. So I already got novel friends there. When I reached at the accommodation, the 3rd officeholder asked me to follow him to accept circular the whole send for the familiarization. From fourth dimension to time, I got familiar lot of things, gain cognition as well as got known the officers, deck crew, engine division crew real good as well as I felt comfortable already alongside the working surround on board.
  Then, the most unforgettable memories and bad for me  when at that spot was a fatality on board. He was the pump human being of the ship. This affair happened when the send was at the North Atlantic sea. We were on the voyage from Canada to Venezuela. When nosotros were at Canada port for discharging the cargo, the pump human being was jibe every bit a fiddle as well as tin complete his duty perfectly. After a few days of divergence from that port, he got a fever as well as study to minute officeholder for farther advice as well as medicine. On that 24-hour interval our main officeholder already gave him permisiion non to attend his duty on deck. From days to days his fever becoming worst as well as his confront as well as leg becomes swollen. For this case, he cannot endure discharge from the send because nosotros were at middle at the North Atlantic Sea. Then the give iv officers planned to driblet him at the nearest port inward our voyage that was Puerto Rico, ETA 2 days from our position. Before nosotros attain there, the pump human being collapsed nigh the weather condition tight door when he was taking fresh air from exterior because he said non also comfortable alongside the air conditioner space. The main officeholder as well as other officeholder tried their best for saving the pump human being  life alongside everything they got merely however the pump as well as pulse already halt as well as non regained. I was on deck truly at that fourth dimension doing closed to ikon job. My AB called me as well as at nowadays I went within the accommodation as well as and then I saw a mutual depression temperature dead trunk at the infirmary cabin. I saw the crews preparing the trunk to endure shift within the meat room. Two days the trunk within the meat room earlier nosotros dropped the trunk at Puerto Rico. Everybody on board becomes mentally downwards merely as well as then nosotros were got upwards dorsum for carried out ours duty. If I am non false our send remain at the port for a few days for the investigation as well as at that spot were a lot of people coming on our send such every bit forensic, police, custom, doctors, counsellor as well as others. So, that was the black memories I been through inward my start send as well as I was also grateful because however tin produce out to behavior on my seatime on that ship.

  So my minute send was Eagle Virginia. I was at that spot for vi months plus. The most 

unforgettable experience and proficient 1 for me on that send was during dry out docking at Shekou,China. 

First, I felt real tiring merely as well as then I intend virtually it in 1 trial to a greater extent than as well as endure positive to gain cognition there. So 

during the drydock I could encounter they are shifting the send from floating dock to dry. The operation 

took a lot amount of publish energy as well as time. Then, my captain assigned me alongside enough chore on deck 

everyday. It was tiring merely  at black yesteryear going shore exit alongside my friend, it tin publish closed to stress.At 

the dry out dock I tin encounter the hull of the cargo tank clearly because I was assigned to kicking the bucket within the tank 

for inspection alongside my officers. I also tin encounter the internal structure of pump, main engine and 

others. So ,that’s all the sense I tin part here. Actually at that spot were a lot to a greater extent than as well as I promise it can 

be usefull to me during my carriers afterwards. 


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