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                                  GOOD VS BAD

The life aboard a merchant send is actually a unique as well as unforgettable experience, really hard to compare to a province job.
Few jobs offering the guide chances to reckon as well as thence many places inwards the world, exotic views as well as reckon as well as thence many people from as well as thence dissimilar countries. Obviously, afterwards such experience, you´ll larn a well-rounded as well as worldly person, as well as larn a improve agreement almost global problems, people from to a greater extent than or less the globe as well as their civilization as well as way of life.
Nevertheless, it must go considered that this activeness connotes some problems as well as difficulties, to which applicants must pay attention, as well as requires doubtless a genuine interest.
In this way, if i gets sea-sick on board, a career inwards the merchant navy wouldn´t go a practiced option. Applicants convey to go calm as well as composed persons as well as non disposed to panic inwards the example of engine failure, adverse climatological weather condition or fifty-fifty severe storms. Likewise, working days are really extensive (8-14 hours a 24-hour interval as well as vii days a week) as well as shifts tin go irregular. Finally, this kind of chore agency long periods inwards extreme confinement as well as away from home, friends as well as relationships.
These weather condition tin go actually stressing. Here I volition go sharing some of my practiced as well as bad experiences onboard.


The practiced business office is that I larn to operate practically as well as I larn to reveal as well as create things on my own. Onboard

send I had to create my ain operate which has made me into an independent person. I larn to do

watchkeeping on my ain which made me to ready upwardly my confidence. In addition, I travelled from

East to West as well as I crossed the Meridian whereby all the Seafarers would celebrate this unforgettable

event. I larn to mix alongside people from other countries as well as I managed to empathise their cultures equally

well. These are the some of the practiced experiences that I convey had onboard vessel.


now, I am going to part some of my bad sense onboard vessel. First of all, the nutrient onboard

was actually bad as well as I literally ate white rice as well as fried egg for ix months. On my sec vessel I had a

Ukranian captain as well as I did non bask my i calendar month seatime with  him. Sea sick was some other worry. I

suffered ocean sick for ii days whereby I vomited as well as felt dizziness throughout that ii days. Away

from home, menage unit of measurement as well as everything was an obstruction for me to larn rid with. I did missy a lot of festival.


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