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Hi there! It’s me AMMAR ARIF, it’s been awhile since the in conclusion fourth dimension nosotros speak most the transportation industry. How are you? I truly promise that all of y'all are inwards skillful status together with having a non bad Ramadan journey. I intend it’s never equally good belatedly for to wishing all of y'all Ramadan Mubarak! Please fast good together with don’t skip it at all guys. We tin create this. For those who don’t receive got the experience inwards fasting, I challenge y'all to attempt it at to the lowest degree 1 day. It would endure a skillful experience for y'all to wake upwardly for Sahoor together with proceed your solar daytime equally green together with interruption the fast at Maghrib.  Scientifically, it is skillful for your digestive organization together with also volition learn y'all to endure grateful amongst what y'all receive got today. And equally for today, I’m non going to country y'all most fasting month, I am going to country y'all the story most the bad experience I’ve encountered onboard. I believed each together with every 1 of us receive got encountered together with then many experience during the shipboard preparation period. It mightiness endure a skillful 1 or a bad one. Depends on how y'all depict it together with equally for me the fact that I receive got to await together with delay inwards fourth dimension is the worse experience. All of us are supposed to movement into our semester five together with half dozen equally an early on comer. Im non trying to condemn my company, it is the 1 that responsible to grip us, the xxx cadets sponsored yesteryear the companionship is what matter. The 1 that responsible to prepare our shipboard preparation is doing her operate inwards such a mess way. At 1 yell for she called all the cadet on board of the same vessel because she don’t know which send nosotros are on together with for how long nosotros receive got been on the ship. She also similar don’t fifty-fifty know most our previous vessel. To learn inwards simple, she’s non fifty-fifty doing her undertaking correctly together with if anything spill out to the cadet or when nosotros inquire her most our status, she volition only throw away all the burn downward to us. I all the same think during Ramadan calendar month in conclusion 2 years, I involved inwards the reactivation of the vessel. We receive got to reactivate our vessel which been at the lay-up site for a year. Can y'all imagine how difficult for us to reactivate the vessel. The companionship maintain on pushing us to the limit. And nosotros create the best that nosotros tin to follow the schedule. At 1 yell for the vessel is all the same non fully reactivate together with it is fourth dimension time to celebrate Hari Raya. The companionship mass the flying ticket to the officers together with engineers that involved inwards the performance together with volition proceed later on the Raya break. And how most the cadet? Without a proper documentation without anything nosotros were asked to remain together with cash inwards one's chips the stowaway on board of the company’s vessel without whatsoever seatime collected. We deserved to cash inwards one's chips dorsum abode or at to the lowest degree allow us to remain inwards a hotel non beingness that inexpensive together with inquire us to cash inwards one's chips a stowaway.  After to a greater extent than than a calendar month of reactivation. The vessel finally tin endure conform yesteryear us. There is 1 fine solar daytime that the populace john inwards our vessel is clogged together with all of a abrupt all the sewage H2O ascent together with roofing the floor. Suddenly everyone when missing together with no 1 would similar to receive got the responsibleness to build clean upwardly the mess. Guess what? I together with to a greater extent than or less other 1 deck cadet receive got to build clean it up. And everyone else only all of a abrupt missing inwards action. We receive got to mop the flooring together with collect all the sewage H2O throw it out from the vessel. About 4-5 drums of it actually. And yep theres ever a skillful inwards a bad thing. Each together with every morning time i wake upwardly to proceed amongst my duty at 6am. together with my solar daytime volition get-go amongst a loving cup of java at the brace piece enjoying the Sun to rise. Believe me it is a wonderful experience y'all volition miss. non to forgotten the sunset thought ever calm me downward later on such a tough day. to a greater extent than or less other skillful experience that volition never forget is that fourth dimension when my vessel is inwards the middle of the ocean. I tin reckon how modest i am inwards this mighty world. together with this volition ever brand me experience grateful together with humble to the god all mighty. honestly I volition never erase those thing from my head. 

late nighttime duty.

tough human at sea


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