Best Place to visit in Singapore : Twenty-Four Hours 4 Inward Iceland - From Hofn To Reykjahlíð (435 Kms)

We leaft Hofn behind later a quick morn see and, passed yesteryear Djúpivogur (104 kms), a pocket-sized hamlet S of East Fjords. 

Fjord Berufjörður- We continued our trip only close Fjord Berufjörður, inwards the part of East Fjords. I tink the West Fjords are to a greater extent than spectacular but, that is for our minute trip to Iceland.

Road 939- After that, our conception was to proceed driving close the sea, until nosotros caput nort to Egilsstaðir to lunch. That forest last a large drive and, nosotros sow on map a curt cut, going yesteryear the route 939, a gravel road. Well, nosotros select the rubber way, going for the route 1 but, i fault made me us become for the route 939.

I possess got to nation that nosotros were a lilliputian scared at the firstly but, our motorcar was non bad and, inwards the end, nosotros possess got to nation that nosotros actually loved the adventure. Icelanders utilization the route but, for somebody that isn’t utilization to TT, similar us, is a adventure. We were lucky because it was a skilful twenty-four hours but, inwards the wintertime I intend that the route is closed. Whit pelting or fog it tin last to a greater extent than unsafe so, if y'all chose to become for that route (or if y'all become my fault similar us), last careful.

See this youtube video of somebody that did that way, in addition to thence y'all tin create upwards one's hear if y'all desire to accept that risk or not.

At the end, I tin nation that it was a non bad fell, it’s real beautiful in addition to a existent adventure, in addition to I forest produce it the same means again.

From Djúpivogur to Egilsstaðir is 86 Kms, whit nineteen kms on the gravel route 939, in addition to thence last real careful whit your driving.

Lagarfljót- Before y'all instruct to the city, y'all volition overstep close the lake Lagarfljót. It a real depp in addition to black lake, that is believe to host a monster, whit the refer Lagarfljótsormurinn, in addition to the description of it is real similar whit the Monster of Loch Ness. We didn’t encounter it.

Egilsstaðir- After y'all cross the duet over Lögurinn, y'all brand it at Egilsstaðir. Here is a skilful house for fuel in addition to for tiffin (it has a subway!!!!).  From hither y'all tin to become Seyðisfjörður (54kms), that it a pretty hamlet only close the cease of a fjord. But, to come upwards in addition to become its to a greater extent than than 100 kms, on a twenty-four hours that had in addition to thence much to drive, in addition to thence nosotros permit it overstep but, if y'all are staying to a greater extent than days inwards Republic of Iceland than us, I intend y'all should go.

Dettifoss- We fill upwards our belly in addition to our car, in addition to went headed to Dettifoss, i of our biggest goals inwards Iceland.  Now i suggest nosotros possess got to give. There are two roads that accept y'all to Dettifoss, 864 (east) in addition to 862 (west). Our advice is to become yesteryear the 862, because its paved (864 is a gravel route and, nosotros had plenty gravel for a day), in addition to safer. The views are pretty inwards both sides.

Going yesteryear the 862, y'all possess got a parking, whit facilities and, it’s a tardily xv infinitesimal walk to waterfall. Dettifoss isn’t the prettiest waterfall but, it’s the close impressive. In the middle of nowhere, its in addition to thence powerful, in addition to thence dark, such a fury of the nature!!  Its in addition to thence impressive. If y'all sow the firstly of Prometheus, y'all would recognize the waterfall from the firstly of the movie. 

Be careful all the fourth dimension and, don’t piece of employment out the marked paths.

Delfoss- Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 lilliputian below y'all volition encounter Delfoss, it’s a tardily walk from Dettifoss but, when y'all piece of employment out it, y'all volition solely last thinking on Dettifoss.

Námafjall or Námaskarð- You provide for the same route in addition to become to Námafjall or Námaskarð. And if y'all tink y'all were inwards the Luna a lot of times inwards Iceland, instantly yor gonna tink y'all are on Mars, its in addition to thence strange. The aroma is the worst inwards Iceland, the sulfur aroma is impossible to avoid and, theres no many mosquitos!!! They don’t bite, I don’t know way, but they are in addition to thence many in addition to and thence anoyng. It’s a foreign must encounter house but, y'all volition non last at that topographic point for a long time.

Also last real carefull to remain on the marked paths, in addition to scout the stunning pools of bubbling mud, boiling hot springs, the steam vents, fumaroles.

Reykjahlíð- And for the cease of this large day, nosotros went to Reykjahlíð, a pocket-sized hamlet close Lake Mývatn. Be careful because this was the close expensive nighttime nosotros pay all over Republic of Iceland and, the offering is real limited, in addition to thence y'all possess got to reserve actually soon, earlier all gets booked.


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