Best Place to visit in Singapore : Hateful Solar Daytime V Inwards Iceland - Reykjahlíð, Husavik, Whale Watching Too Akureyri (150 Kms)

Our innovation for the twenty-four hours was to know a lilliputian ameliorate the Mývatn lake, in addition to and then instruct to the pocket-sized hamlet of Husavik for Whale Watching.

Husavik- From Reykjahlíð to Husavik it’s a 55 kms trip, inwards a proficient in addition to prophylactic route and, nosotros instruct in that location inwards fourth dimension for a walk inwards the hamlet in addition to tiffin before nosotros pick out grip of the boat.

Husavik is is a pocket-sized town, situated inwards the bay of Skjálfandafljót, whit a population of 2500 person. It has stores, bank, infirmary in addition to fifty-fifty a soccer team, in addition to its known for i of the best places inwards the public to run into whales. And, nosotros tin state y'all now, its true.
They accept in that location a lot of restaurants but, nosotros decided to instruct for the fish in addition to chips simply inwards the port of Husavik, in addition to it was a neat decision. Here is the address: Hafnarstett 19, Husavik 640, Islândia. The weather condition was proficient and, nosotros simply stood exterior eating in addition to watching the boats.

It’s a 3-hour ocean trip and, the all scenario its beutifull, in addition to yes, y'all got to se whales, a lot of whales!  We sough sperm whales, airplane pilot whales in addition to humpback whales, in addition to fifty-fifty dolphins. They were thus closed to the boat, in addition to in that location were thus many. Its non a inexpensive ting to produce it but, y'all accept to produce it. They volition province y'all hot clothes, in addition to laissez passer on y'all a hot cofe in addition to a traditional Icelandic cake that volition experience thus proficient inwards the mutual frigidness of the boat.

The lead speacks perfect English linguistic communication in addition to its in that location to response all of your questions. They volition lend you appropriate clothes and, that is a real of import affair because, when y'all are ate the sea, It volition last the coldest y'all experience inwards Iceland. It was what happened whit us but, I accept to tell, nosotros were real lucky, because nosotros had proficient weather condition almost the whole trip.

When nosotros got dorsum to the port, nosotros drive to Akureyri (94 kms), were nosotros pass the night.

Akureyri- The so-called Northern capital, situated inwards the Eyjafjörður narrow fjord, amongst a population of 16,000. It’s a large urban heart for Republic of Iceland and, y'all volition accept in that location anything y'all need, feel hospital, places to consume in addition to sleep.

We see the fjord, the modern church building past times the architect Guðjón Samuelsson, walk some the streets before accept dinner at the Backpackers café. Its inwards the head route and, its total of life in addition to people from all over the world. The burgers are great, in addition to also the fries. As for the price, expensive but, don’t forget y'all are inwards Iceland.

One cool affair nearly Akureyri are the hearts on the cherry-red of the stoplights. All stoplights cherry-red is inwards the shape of a pump and, I subsequently abide by that it started inwards the 2008 finance crash inwards Iceland, in addition to it was a means of transmitting an optimistic mindset, fighting the negativity that followed the economical crisis.

This was the nighttime nosotros slept the most north, in addition to the best tetativa to run into the Lord's Day at Midnight. It was non possible, the Sun railroad train a few hours before but, it was a wonderful experience to drinkable a beer outdoors was non equally good mutual frigidness in addition to run into all the color of the heaven in addition to the earth.


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