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Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965) is most famous for leading Britain successfully during the Second World War. Although he lost the elections subsequently the war, Churchill did serve a minute term every bit Prime Minister of the U.K. from 1951 to 1955. Before World War II, he held several prominent positions inward the parliament including President of the Board of Trade (1908 – 1910), Home Secretary (1910 – 1911), First Lord of the Admiralty (1911 – 1915), Secretary of State for War (1919 – 1921), Secretary of State for the Colonies (1921 – 1922) and Chancellor of the Exchequer (1924 – 1929). Churchill was also a prominent non-fiction author as well as won the 1953 Nobel Prize inward Literature. Know to a greater extent than nigh the political career of Churchill earlier World War II, his leadership during the war, his writing career as well as other contributions, through his 10 major accomplishments.

  In British Prime Minister Winston Churchill SingaporeTourismMap: Winston Churchill
#1 Churchill was responsible for the get-go minimum wage organization inward Britain
David Lloyd George (left) as well as Winston Churchill in 
The political career of Winston Churchill began subsequently he was elected every bit a Member of Parliament from the constituency of Oldham. In 1908, he became a part of the Cabinet every bit President of the Board of Trade. Churchill’s achievements inward this capacity include the Mines Act of 1908, which provided for an 8-hour twenty-four hours inward all mines; the Trades Boards Act of 1909, which established the get-go minimum wage organization inward Britain past times mandating rates for 200,000 workers inward several industries; as well as the Labour Exchanges Act of 1909, which laid upward offices to help the unemployed discovery employment.

#2 He played an active role inward the passage of the People’s Budget
In 1909, the famous People’s Budget was introduced inward the British Parliament past times David Lloyd George. Churchill vigorously supported the budget, which introduced unprecedented taxes on the wealthy as well as radical social welfare programmes inward Britain. It is considered the get-go budget inward British history amongst the expressed intent of redistributing wealth amid the British public. During his early on political career, Churchill also played an active role inward bringing nigh broad make of radical social reforms which became known every bit Liberal welfare reforms. Among other things, these included providing children amongst complimentary schoolhouse meals, introducing pensions for those over lxx as well as allowing farmers to farm their holdings without interference from landlords.
#3 He implemented naval reforms every bit First Lord of the Admiralty
Winston Churchill was promoted to Home Secretary inward 1910. His term saw the passage of the National Insurance Act of 1911, which provided compulsory wellness insurance for workers who earned less than £160 per year. It is considered every bit ane of the foundations of modern social welfare inward the UK. In 1911, Churchill was made First Lord of the Admiralty, a ship service he held on to till 1915. His primary contribution inward this capacity were naval reforms which included setting upward inward 1912 of the Royal Naval Air Service, a subdivision of naval aviation; motion to a larger gun every bit the principal armament of battleships; as well as the evolution of battleships which were superior inward firepower, protection as well as speed. Churchill also sponsored the evolution of the tank, which was financed from naval inquiry funds.

1914 photograph of No 1 Squadron of Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS)

#4 He served every bit War as well as Air Secretary as well as every bit Colonial Secretary inward early on 1920s

Winston Churchill served every bit the Secretary of State for War as well as the Secretary of State for Air from 1919 to 1921. Churchill was responsible for demobilization subsequently the First World War; for efficiently putting an terminate to the rebellions inward British Somaliland inward 1920, bringing an terminate to their 20 twelvemonth resistance; as well as for crushing the 1920 Iraqi revolt against the British. Churchill served every bit Secretary of State for the Colonies inward 1921 – 1922. In this capacity, he negotiated the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921, which established the Irish Gaelic Free State, such that British maritime interests were protected past times allowing the Royal Navy access to 3 Irish Gaelic ports.

Anglo-Irish Treaty, 6 Dec 1921

 #5 Winston Churchill served every bit Prime Minister of United Kingdom of Great Britain as well as Northern Ireland during the Second World War

After a horrid term every bit the Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1924 to 1929, Churchill remained politically uninfluential for most of the 1930s. During this fourth dimension he vehemently warned against Germany’s rearmament, called on Britain to strengthen itself to counter German linguistic communication belligerence as well as was a tearing critic of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of German linguistic communication Chancellor Adolf Hitler. On 3 September 1939, the twenty-four hours United Kingdom of Great Britain as well as Northern Ireland declared state of war on Germany, next the outbreak of World War II, Winston Churchill was re-appointed First Lord of the Admiralty. During the Battle of France, Chamberlain resigned as well as Winston Churchill became the Prime Minister of the U.K. on tenth May 1940. He remained inward role till 26th July 1945 successfully leading Britain through the Second World War.

#6 He united as well as inspired Britain amongst his able leadership during World War II

Upon becoming Prime Minister, Churchill formed a coalition cabinet of leaders from the Labour, Liberal as well as Conservative parties. He made certain it represented all groups as well as was able to cause got swift decisions. Though he dominated Parliament, he never took it for granted as well as ensured that it was complimentary from domestic political conflicts. Churchill rubbished talks of give upward as well as rejected Germany’s proposal for a peace treaty. Instead he gave his electrifying “This was their finest hour” spoken language inward which he asked Britain to ready for the Battle of Britain, urged its people to “brace ourselves to our duties” as well as prepared the British for a long war. He gave stirring speeches inward Parliament as well as on the radio to unite the field as well as arrive stand upward every bit one. Under the able leadership of Churchill, Britain handed Federal Republic of Federal Republic of Germany its get-go major defeat inward World War II inward the Battle of Britain inward 1940.
The Battle of Britain Monument inward London

 #7 Along amongst Roosevelt as well as Stalin, Churchill led Allied Coalition to victory inward World War II

Winston Churchill had a really practiced human relationship amongst U.S.A. of America President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The 2 held many conferences which covered diverse state of war policies. When Adolf Hitler launched his laid on on the Soviet Union, Churchill unequivocally vowed to back upward the Soviet Union despite his vehement anti-communist views. After U.S.A. of America entered World War II next the Attack on Pearl Harbor, Churchill worked closely amongst U.S. President Roosevelt as well as Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin. He was primarily responsible for the formation of the grand alliance betwixt the 3 nations. The 3 leaders, known every bit the ‘Big Three’ of the Allied Coalition, were instrumental inward implementing a state of war strategy that resulted inward the defeat of Axis Powers inward the Second World War.

The Big Three Allied leaders (from left to right) Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt as well as Winston Churchill (194
#8 He served every bit the British Prime Minister for a minute term from 1951 to 1955

Despite successfully leading Britain inward World War II, Churchill lost his seat every bit Prime Minister inward the 1945 full general election. Instead, he served every bit Leader of the Opposition for 6 years from July 26, 1945 to Oct 26, 1951. After the full general election of Oct 1951, Winston Churchill ane time to a greater extent than became prime number government minister as well as served until his resignation inward Apr 1955. Domestic reforms inward his minute term include the Mines as well as Quarries Act of 1954, which made provisions for management of mines as well as quarries, as well as for securing safety, wellness as well as welfare of the people employed there; as well as the Housing Repairs as well as Rent Act of 1955, which extended previous housing Acts, as well as laid out details inward defining housing units every bit “unfit for human habitation.” In unusual affairs, Churchill’s minute tenure saw rebellions inward Republic of Kenya as well as Malaya, to which he controversially responded amongst straightaway state of war machine action.


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