Best Place to visit in Singapore : Practiced & Bad Experiences During Shipboad Services

 15 DECEMBER 2015.,I marked that twenty-four hr menstruum equally a memorable twenty-four hr menstruum for me because at this fourth dimension I am going to piece of job out my menage unit of measurement , friend together with everyone away for 1 twelvemonth to pursue my lifelong dreams as. I direct maintain to bring together a send named MV ARMADA TUAH 100 amongst a contract of 3-4 months inward Labuan. I was greeted good yesteryear the send crews and captain.

I would similar to portion wit you lot most my experiences during shipboard services equally deck cadet on my 2nd ship, MV ARMADA TUAH 21. One of the best moments I had inward my life is fasting onboard send for the commencement fourth dimension inward my life. At first, I felt awkward together with pathetic because away from my menage unit of measurement particularly inward Ramadhan. Above pic was my commencement twenty-four hr menstruum inward Ramadhan, interruption fast amongst my send officers together with crews. I'm together with therefore happy because they really friendly together with made me experience comfortable amongst them.

This pic was taken during commencement twenty-four hr menstruum of Eidul Fitri onboard. I was excited because my fellowship together with captain plough over us permission to shore piece of job out to perform Eidul Fitri prayers. Although beingness away from my menage unit of measurement during Hari Raya, I but ignore my pathetic feeling together with confront the reality equally seafarers.

Captain paid the boat services for us to shore piece of job out on that day...hehehehe

While going to the mosque, I met my batchmates which was same fellowship amongst me. I'm suprised looking their apperance together with it was unlucky because they did non cook anything to celebrate Hari Raya onboard ship. They looks similar a cave human who went shore piece of job out to town..... But I'm withal admit them equally my friend...heheheehehehe.
Going out to beach later on prayers..

That's all from me.. tq


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