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Halong Beauty

Hanoi is the upper-case alphabetic lineament of Vietnam in addition to the country's 2d largest metropolis later on Ho Chi Minh. When inward Hanoi at that spot is no missing out on the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is at Halong Bay. The clear emerald waters glister nether the sunlight in addition to it was a spectacular sight to behold with the limestones.

How to Book?

We booked the Halong Bay Overnight cruise tour from Groupon Singapore. Yes, you lot heard it right. It was quite a proficient bargain actually, to live on honest. We had liaised with 'Lisa Vietnam Travel' via electronic mail prior to the trip at $300SGD per pax.

We were picked upwards from our hotel in addition to drove direct to Tuan Chau Marina whereby many others were also waiting for transfer onto their cruise ships sailing on Halong Bay. We were with this society called 'Scorpion Cruise'. ( So you lot see, for each service, many companies are involved with unlike sub-contractors)

The many other 'brands' of cruises. 

Like them, nosotros had to ride a smaller 'sampang' (boat) earlier nosotros tin give the axe transfer to the ship at the opened upwards sea

On Board! Haik!

The term 'cruise' is to live on taken loosely, for I had, prior to boarding the "ship", had some romantic notions that it volition live on those luxurious cruises out floating on the bay. Alas, it was only a really basic ship with basic rundown facilities. Okay, I should direct keep guessed for such pricing that the pic shown inward Groupon was likewise proficient to live on true. Fancy sails in addition to all.

However, though the ship was slightly older, nosotros were extremely good fed.  The spread was considered sumptuous, including a dinner seafood buffet. Breakfast in addition to a alive demo of the Vietnamese leap rolls + luncheon made us truly happy in addition to gleeful of food.

The crew on board which included the guide was friendly in addition to brought us along on the Earth tours at diverse points when the ship docked in addition to fifty-fifty cooked for us inward a cooking demo!

Halong Bay Hello!

So inside minutes, nosotros were transported from the terminus to the opened upwards waters in addition to there, smacked correct inward the middle of Halong Bay. 
Looks surreal? These mountains of limestones known every bit islets are scattered precisely about the bay, amounting to almost 2000 of them.

The deck of Scorpion cruise looks pretty doesn't it?

Every repast on board was pretty fantastic... lots of Vietnamese dishes to instruct with white rice. 

Lovely gorgeous places nosotros visited on DAY 1:

1. Soi Sim Island 

This is the telephone commutation to getting that 1000000 dollar plane eye's sentiment pic of the isle in addition to Halong Bay you lot direct keep seen inward every magazine. 

We arrived in addition to departed inward this sampang every bit the ship cannot dock into the beach due to its larger size.

Climb upwards the stairs to achieve the highest of the isle for a excellent view... exciting!

Thankfully it was non extremely steep in addition to the steps were good paved. Phew. 

So there, this is the framed pic of Halong Bay- with filter

Embrace the world? :)

Back from the highs, nosotros hence went on to explore the sandy white beach on Soi Sim on the ground. 
Take your fourth dimension to appreciate the tranquility in addition to calmness every bit the H2O gently laps on the sandy shores

2. Dark in addition to Light Grotto inward Lan Ha Bay 

This 2d house was truly awesome. Lan Ha Bay lies due south of Halong Bay in addition to it's some other bay altogether similarly peppered with limestone islets in addition to many pocket-size villages with build clean white beaches too, but nosotros didn't embark, coz our guide didn't 'guide' us in addition to nosotros were left to kayak on our ain for over an hour. Though nosotros could follow the other tourists nevertheless I felt a combat bummed because no introductions were made of the place.
You wouldn't instruct lost that's surely because it's a 1 means inward in addition to out from the calm waters.


Kayaking inward the tranquil, bluish-jade crystal water. Serene in addition to at peace. However, the guide didn't truly "care" if you lot know how to kayak or not. You tin give the axe either instruct for this or sit down out somewhere. So despite us non knowing/ forgetting how to kayak, nosotros precisely direct keep to rah-rah in addition to instruct ahead. Really. it was quite a risk, but good nosotros made it! Thank god.

The pics hither are non super clear coz nosotros direct keep to justice our paddles in addition to phones. This is where a GoPro would direct keep been useful. 

We were inward a flow with the valleys in addition to mountains in addition to the H2O was calm. From the pictures, it mightiness non seem super pretty, but to live on at that spot personally volition evoke a feel of wonder. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 pocket-size human inward a large world. 
Thanks to my gal who was inward front end  

It's black in addition to lite because you lot movement into the black caves from the eroded limestones in addition to emerged out in 1 lawsuit to a greater extent than nether the sky. In in addition to out you lot volition go. 

The heaven was turning black means fast upon our return. when nosotros reached the pier it was PITCH BLACK. 


It was a fully packed 24-hour interval in addition to a non bad dinner was necessary to current of air down. We had Vietnamese nutrient in addition to BBQ in addition to thankfully it was all done yesteryear a chef in addition to nosotros didn't direct keep to BBQ. 
All good!

Finally, when you lot are out at sea, at that spot is no wifi, in addition to no TV reception. So with no digital entertainment, nosotros went dorsum to our favourite game- JINGGA

This sums upwards on Day 1 Halong Bay Cruise. Upcoming volition live on on Day 2. 
Stay tuned!


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