Things to do in Singapore: Beauty Review: Que Source Shower Gels

Embrace Earth's Essence
Advocating goodness of nature for your skin,  Que Origin "embrace inwards the healing ability of nature, sourcing for wholesome ingredients that your pare desires, from a exclusively origin, our Earth."

This is the brainchild of a local company, Que Origin aims to transform your daily showers into an aromatherapy sanctuary experience.

In And Out
You volition live on happy to know what goes inwards as well as non for these gels.
Say Yes to:   H5N1 reservoir filled amongst carefully picked naturally derived ingredients. H5N1 blend of Aloe Vera,  oils such every bit Argan crude oil as well as rigid botanical extracts to soothe as well as calm your skin.

Say No to: Ingredients such every bit Parabens, Sodium Laurel Sulphate as well as Synthetic fragrance which are notoriously good known as well as other non hence pop ingredients which may potentially displace adverse effects on the pare such every bit Sodium Hydroglycinate, Phenoxethenol as well as all other Sulphates.

How it Feels?
I was gifted amongst three tantalizing shower gel inwards their unmarried scent series:  LAVENDER , ROSE GERANIUM as well as  LEMONGRASS.
Sight: All the gels come upwards inwards clear as well as calorie-free form. Nothing likewise brilliant inwards colors when yous know it powerfulness comprise possible colorings?
Touch: These gels foam upwards good as well as really do leave my pare smooth as well as silky later on each wash.  I actually create believe the wonderful properties of Vitamin B5, eastward as well as the extracts from  Grapefruit, Aloe Vera & Raspberry were working together for a smoother velvety feel.
 Formulated at pH 5.5 to travel out your pare at its optimal pH level. 
Smell: This has to live on the best experiences of all. They all odour heavenly as well as actually calming. Creating an instant awakening experience without the overpowering sweetness/fragrance yous ofttimes construct it another brands.

Lavender invoked calmness as well as peace.
Rose Geranium was sugariness as well as gentle.
Lemongrass was refreshing as well as revitalising.

Lathers upwards good amongst but precisely about water

These shower gel cum bubble bathroom also comes inwards blends of dissimilar scents.
They are:
BLENDS - MORNING MELODY (geranium, lavender, lemongrass, peppermint) CITRUS-LICOUS (lime, lemon, grapefruit, sugariness orange) SANCTUARY OF REST (lavender, geranium, cedarwood, tea tree)

AVAILABLE SIZES & PRICE: SCENTS 250ml - $7.90 (SINGLE SCENT) , $8.90 (BLENDS) 730ml - $14.80 (SINGLE SCENT), $16.80 (BLENDS)

And if yous are looking to customize the box packaging ( which I had higher upwards inwards the kickoff pic) for Christmas gifting, Que Origin does that for yous too!

They also accept other products such every bit Jelli-Q which is an environmental friendly exfoliating torso scrub that tin terminate live on adjusted to specific texture. Consist of gentle cleaning agents providing cleanse as well as smooth inwards 1 step. Check out their website for more!


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