Things to do in Singapore: Bondi Beach Too The Festival Of The Winds Inwards Sydney

White Pearly Beach.

Mention Sydney in addition to y'all can't larn away without visiting Bondi Beach. Practically a landmark of Sydney, Bondi Beach sees nearly an average of 40,000 visitors over a weekend.
 If this is non the local's in addition to tourists' most well-loved beach, I don't know what is.
Located nearest from the Sydney metropolis centre (8km) this pop beach is a hop away from the concrete buildings.  There are then many things to create at Bondi. Sea sports activities, countless of international dining eateries past times the beachfront in addition to seaside residential sites lining the Bondi Beach tin sack live on spotted.

What to Wear?

I know it sounds similar a 'duh' question. 
You see, I was non dressed inwards my beach-wear best equally I was non intending to swim or jump into the waters. The to a greater extent than compelling reason, however, was the HUGE departure inwards temperatures between the inland metropolis centre business office of Sydney — actually chilly, windy in addition to gloomy versus that of the beach — warm in addition to sunny! 
BAM minute alter inwards temperature! Such vast alter was totally unexpected for us in addition to hence nosotros create expression slightly "out of place" from the beach goers. 
My advice: Dress for the warm atmospheric condition or mayhap select some shorts in addition to t-shirts to alter over upon reaching Bondi should y'all recollect to play with the sand in addition to water! 

Festival of The Winds

This joyous occasion celebrates the oncoming of Spring inwards Sydney which sees a conglomerate of kites inwards diverse shapes, forms, sizes in addition to colours dancing with or against the air current with the clouds inwards the ocean-blue sky. We were lucky to conduct keep bumped into the festival when nosotros visited terminal twelvemonth inwards September. In 2015, the festival took house on thirteen September, in addition to on 2014 it took house on the 14th. Remember, the festive happens for but 1 day, on the 2d Lord's Day of September! Just then happened nosotros were at that topographic point at Bondi Beach on that day!
Lucky us!

Mark Down Your Calendar 

As a result, nosotros saw some other side of Bondi Beach amidst the kites, crowd, festivals, carnivals in addition to celebration! It was awesome in addition to added some other colorful side to the beach.

2016 would live on the 38th twelvemonth Festival of the Winds would live on running. H5N1 celebration of Spring in addition to togetherness, this festival sees the meeting of families in addition to friends reunited past times a mutual goal- to wing in addition to display their main creations high upward inwards the sky. That crowning glory.

Regardless of age, y'all volition live on inwards awe amidst the sea of kites high upward inwards the bluish blue sky. Pretty much from anywhere along the beach volition enable y'all to select manage of a skillful stance of the volume kite displays. From what I read, huge kites are to a greater extent than ofttimes than non owned past times kite enthusiast groups in addition to gigantic ones tin sack terms upward to 10 over thousands of dollars inwards making.

Festival Info:

Giant Bubbles

Prams conduct keep no house on the white fine sandy beach in addition to conduct keep to live on parked first. 

Such Excitement!

With estimated crowd of over hundred 1000 at the festival annually, at that topographic point were many other activities happening away from the beach. 
Be entertained past times street performances such equally stilt walkers, musical bands in addition to dances. Such a jovial, cherry festival that volition larn out y'all smile happily in addition to larn out with a hearty stomach. 

And... There were more! 

As nosotros walked on nosotros discovered, yes, our favourite — Food! 

Even an aerial display was on to liven upward the festive. *Hearts*


 There were tonnes of nutrient stalls selling all sorts of international snacks. It was awesome!

Bratwurst in addition to Kransky Hotdog 

Bratwurst-German traditional mild pork in addition to herb sausages. Ranges from 7- 9.5 AUD in addition to equally usual, actually humongous, stuffed with lots of ingredients.
 How could anyone complete this past times oneself. Or was it but us?

Bratwurst — -German traditional mild pork in addition to herb sausage in addition to FrankDog — lean chicken sausage in addition to what conduct keep y'all inwards 'Bacon in addition to Cheese' in addition to 'Crispy Onions' flavour. So sinfully tasty in addition to satisfying!
 The betoken is- are y'all drooling already? 

Even camels don't shy away

We also tried some actually delish Turkish food.

This pancake was filled with spinach in addition to beef. 

Stilt Performers... stunning! 

"Captain Cook" 

Bondi Market

Just a brusk distance away, caput over to the Bondi Beach Public School for the Bondi Market. Only opens every Lord's Day from 10am- 4pm ( yes, they closed early)
H5N1 marketplace position of everything from vintage, coffee, plants, crafts, conduct keep your pick! And yeah it is held inside the premises of a schoolhouse in addition to that explains why it is around solely on Sundays. 


Check out the link below on how to larn to Bondi Beach from City Centre in addition to back:

Thanks for reading in addition to bask Bondi!


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