Things to do in Singapore: Bring Your Kachang Together With Martabak Correct Inwards Singapore — Pancake Boss ( Bugis)

Get It Right
Get your portion of authentic Martabak ( a stuffed pancake amongst lots sweetness in addition to savory fillings. Originating from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but a street snack made good known inward Indonesia)  in Singapore. Think Mr Bean or Chinese's version of Min Chiang Kueh, but the to a greater extent than "unhealthier" cousin.
More sinful but MUCH bigger on taste.
Indulge in 1 lawsuit inward a piece for all your worth. Won't you?

Missed Martabak?
Hidden correct within Bugis Cube, non many would accept known of an Republic of Indonesia Martabak eatery's existence, much to my surprise too. But Pancake Boss Martabak Manis is the house to larn to if y'all are craving your sweets. Yes, simply every bit localized every bit what y'all tin sack discovery inward Indonesia, every bit proclaimed past times the work organization itself. It's non simply my take in but based on the many comments I saw on IG, the reviews were pretty awesome since it's opening inward September 2016, this year. 

I was attracted past times the cheeses toppings. Who wouldn't? And good amongst cheese, y'all would similar some chocolates, fruits mayhap in addition to of course of didactics the kachangs ( aka peanuts). Well y'all larn the idea.

Savour in addition to burn downward off the calories later. 

There is a lot huge listing of choices from traditional to fusion amongst pandan, honeycomb, ovaltine, oreo.. whatever y'all get upwards it, they accept it. 

Boss Combo.
This is a mix of everything. Kacang, Martabak Cheese in addition to Choco Rice. The thick fluffy pancake was generously sandwiched amongst all the ingredients.  Warm in addition to gratifying yummilicious if y'all had it on the spot. 

The size of the whole pancake.
Do non belittle the size every bit I had previously.
The whole pancake tin sack hold out a fleck likewise much in addition to jelat for two pax but iv pax volition hold out simply fine.
With the lowest cost starting from $7, it's non just inexpensive considering it's solely pancake ( flour in addition to sugar) that y'all are paying for. But if y'all portion it out, it volition hold out relatively alright for an occasional indulgence. Makes quite a filing snack too

The store infinite has goose egg to proper substantive about, pretty pocket-size but has tables in addition to chairs for dine inward but nutrient is nevertheless the top dog attraction.

Chill for a yummy snack time!


470 North Bridge Road
#04-15 Bugis Cube Mall
Singapore 188735

12:00pm - 08:00pm


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