Things to do in Singapore: [ Cafe Hopping Inwards Singapore] Pacamara Boutique Java Roasters (Upper Thomson)

Standing at a prominent location past times the corner of the street, it's slow to location the royal white-washed the world marker cafe.
 High windows as well as brilliant sunlight streaming in?  Checked.
Pacamara Cafe makes for a practiced weekend chill location as well as photography setting.. Located inwards the Upper Thomson expanse slightly downwards from Orchard, this cafe boots a long walk-in-only queue filled alongside hungry patrons.
Just hold off at the crowd. We waited for a practiced xv mins on a Saturday.

Other than that, there's zilch much to whine most as well as if bouncing conversations off the walls from everyone else isn't a employment for you lot inwards whatever way, hence "holler" on. 

With my sweetie.

Mocha $6
How non to guild their cuppa brewed when they are known for their speciality java as well as you lot come across those Espresso java machines to a greater extent than or less as well as all. 
The java did non fail. The bitter java aftertaste embraced perfectly alongside the mildly sweetness cocoa. 

BBQ Pork Mac and Cheese $18.50
Comes alongside baked pasta ham, parmesan, mozzarella, feta as well as cheddar alongside dashes of truffle oil.
If you lot dear cheese as well as its unproblematic taste, this is for you. 

Duck Confit Harsh $19.50
We pump this combo of duck leg confit, potato rosti, mushrooms, kenya beans, greens. hollandaise and  poached egg. It's a hearty savory mix of everything accompanied with rosti for a big brekkie! 

The selections are aplenty as well as the card changes varying from 9am-4pm as well as 5pm-9pm.
There volition live on outpouring to live on something you lot dear to convey together alongside their java brew. 
GST 7% applicable.

85 Upper Thomson Road 574333
Monday - Lord's Day 9am - 11pm


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