Things to do in Singapore: Craftholic Ten Kki Sweets ( Pop-Up Cafe)

This is a serious #throwback in addition to I produce apologise if y'all direct maintain missed the popup cafe at Kki Sweets which started from 17 Sep in addition to lasted till xiii Nov.

If y'all produce in addition to am even in addition to then missing to a greater extent than or less Craftholic actions, grab them at the running pop-up Christmas shop at Raffles City in addition to accept lots of adorable photos amongst the characters at their photograph props booths. READ HERE.

Nonetheless, hither is an adorable recap of what nosotros saw at their get-go always pop-up. Absolutely kawaii in addition to wishing for a permanent cafe concept.

Greeting patrons at the door were huge Craftholic huggies amongst their affair long dangly arms in addition to legs.

What's In?
Stepping in, patrons were welcomed amongst all the adorable cutouts of Craftholics in addition to friends in addition to at that spot were many photograph taking opportunities really. I recall every daughter who were at the cafe were feeling extremely excited in addition to inward glee equally I had, seeing all the adorable merchandises, displays in addition to all.

Just await at what y'all could direct maintain purchased! All the express editions

The heaven is the boundary when it comes to what sort of photos y'all tin accept inward this charming pop-up.

With my darling ger.

The Food.
The choice wasn't huge in addition to nosotros exactly ordered 1 for each of the mains when nosotros visited inward Nov.
Garlic Aioli Roast Chicken Sandwich ( left) in addition to Beef Stew amongst Butter Rice. All served amongst Japanese Green Tea
$16,80 each
Pandan Souffle Cheesecake
$7.80 each

Minimalistic-Feel Good 
The colors blended out a harmonious, soothing relaxing vibe that Craftholic brings inward conveying comforting in addition to embracing experience for its targeted audiences.
The nutrient was fair enough.
Or course of written report existence a thematic concept, the focus was to a greater extent than on the dining expereince in addition to non the nutrient per se but nosotros idea the nutrient were simple, fairly enjoyable in addition to yummy. At to the lowest degree appropriate for adults in addition to non overly 'kiddish' equally to a greater extent than or less characters cafe mightiness be, if y'all larn what I mean. =)

I am certain everyone who visited this pop-up had a bang-up time!

Kki Sweets

Weekday 12-8pm
Weekends 12-7pm


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