Things to do in Singapore: [ Eats] Fish N Co Glasshouse @Orchard Bids Goodbye ( End Peril Till 26 Sept)

Saying Farewell
Remember the days when hanging out at Fish & Co Glasshouse was similar the "IN" matter to produce alongside your friend later school? Be it for a birthday celebration or majority gathering, The Glasshouse was known to endure cool together with hip amidst teens, Well, years downward the route together with alongside such influx of novel creative cafes together with eateries saturating the Singapore nutrient scene, the Fish & Co Glasshouse has sadly also lost its smooth gradually.

And when the annunciation came on Fish & Co's FB that the glasshouse is closing down, I guessed or then of or then teared upwardly a little, over the lost of or then other house commemorating our growing upwardly years.

 Thanks to my ger JH for the info, nosotros headed downward for a terminal reminisce of the Glasshouse earlier it's offical clousure. And every bit I banking concern friction match the FB page, 24th Sept marks the terminal weekend  before it ceases operations. So if it's true, Head downward this calendar week to select handgrip of or then yummy seafood together with a hold off at the glasshouse earlier it walks downward into history. There is also a 20% off till 26th Sept!  

( Partly it's closure also comes from principal tenant Park Mall's revamp together with rebuilt altogether )

Let's Get Hooked!
I receive got forgotten how striking colorful together with "oceanic-themed" the Glasshouse  outlet looks inwards comparing alongside others. Ships together with sails akin out inwards the sea fishing.
 ( Or peradventure it's because I receive got non stepped into Fish & Co for a long fourth dimension since)
But it was actually prissy together with soothing to endure back.
Plus the eating seat is non crowded together with you lot tin dismiss receive got your fourth dimension to dine in.

In commerating its closure, fans are invited to pen downward good wishes.

Customers inwards solid only minimal.

Whimisical Blue together with Red setting.

Swimming Fishy
The orders were gorgeous golden brownish together with tasty fresh fillets were served. Everything was AWESOME together with on point. Service past times the staff were meticulous together with fast serving.
Just enjoy!!

Grilled Peri-peri Chicken alongside Prawns

Grilled Peri-peri chicken alongside Arctic Fish n Chips

Head on downward i terminal time. 
I volition missy the Glasshouse where Fish & Co then iconically stood for the past times decades together with more.
How close you?

Glasshouse @ Park Mall 
(9 Penang Road, #01-24)


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