Things to do in Singapore: [ Eats] Ginza Tendon Ginza Itsuki — Fried Tempura ( Tanjong Pagar)

Japanese Tempura Don!
When Tendon Ginza Itsuki root opened its doors to hungry patrons at Tanjong Pagar, I was baffled past times it's seemingly endless queue peculiarly during luncheon in addition to dinner time. I gauge waiting fourth dimension could direct maintain been develop dorsum to 1 hr plus. This on i fine weekday inward the level correct almost 530pm when it reopens for the nighttime fourth dimension crowd, I was at that topographic point in addition to at that topographic point it was, no queue. So the delighted me, got myself on the chairs exterior in addition to was shown into my bar counter topographic point inward five minutes time. 

P.S: Everyone has to live introduce earlier y'all volition live shown to your table, fifty-fifty though it's your plow inward the queue. Else, tough luck, y'all gotta await outside. 

The spanking menu 
It was clear that at that topographic point are exclusively two mains to select from:
Special TENDON (Tempura on Rice) consists of prawns, chicken ( two pcs each), one-half boiled egg, Vegetables ( 4pcs)  $13.90
Vegetable TENDON consists of Pumpkin, shiitake mushrooms, lotus roots, egg establish in addition to a mix of others  $12.90

Watch in addition to Eat
The expert affair almost seating at the counter? You tin spotter the Japanese chefs inward action.
Pretty fascinating to meet them laying the fried tempura. 
The bad thing? You volition scent similar a fried goreng thereafter. With the fryer in addition to petroleum therefore close, y'all volition grab the cooking smell.

Special Tendon
So when the fresh bowl of Tendon lastly came, it was all glistering inward golden deep fried batter. 
Looks super appetizing.  That's until y'all direct maintain had your 4rd tempura in addition to are going... Argghhhh...

Succulent Freshness
No incertitude the ingredients were fresh. Prawns in addition to chicken were hit-on in addition to therefore were the vegetable crips. But y'all know this is non your typical good for y'all bowl in addition to when y'all direct maintain 8 pcs of huge fried stuff, things tin larn a chip every bit good much in addition to every bit good overwhelming for your tummy in addition to appetite. You know I ever pride myself inward existence a well/good eater but this total bowl of tendon including therefore much fried tempura, was, unfortunately a chip every bit good gelat/oily for me every bit I ate on. 

I beloved the rice though alongside the crystal clear large grains of Japanese rice alongside tamago in addition to tendon sauce. For ladies, genuinely it's expert to part a bowl simply to larn a gustation of it if neither of y'all are every bit good hungry. I fifty-fifty spotted a dyad sharing a bowl. Can sympathize it's every bit good heavy for 1 pax consumption. Each develop comes alongside a chawanmushi in addition to soup

It's definitely worth the coin for this authentic bowl of Tendon correct hither inward Singapore. 
However, I wouldn't tell it's worth the await if I were to direct maintain to queue for 1 hr or more. 
Go when it's simply almost to opened upward to shell the crowd! 

Lunch: 1130-230
Dinner: 530- 10pm
101 Tanjong Pagar Road


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