Things to do in Singapore: [Eats] Isle Cafe & Bar ( Tangs, Orchard)

The newly revamped Island Cafe & Bar has waved goodbye to it's past times outlook as well as I was delighted to pace into a modernised, refreshed concept filled amongst ceiling high windows as well as kokosnoot wallpapers of tropical breeze. Of class the marble tables warrant a 5-stars forthwith for relaxation of a beautiful nutrient #flatlay. 
Now all that's left was deciding what to order...

The cafe/bar is a casual setup, evoking a relaxing vibe nevertheless exquisite details such every bit the beautifully customised hankie for customers, bearing the 'Island' logo was taken attention of. 

Here's our order:
Indonesia Fried Rice $24
Taste of home. Beautifully plated spiced fired rice, comes amongst satay, crispy chicken, homemade achar as well as crackers, topped amongst a sunny side up. Comfort nutrient gone atas.

Fish Taco amongst selection of truffle fries $22
This photogenic fish taco wrap was a joy to tuck into. Soft tortilla wrapped amongst breaded snapper fillets as well as wasabi vegetable slaw which added hits of spices was yums. T
ruffle fries was fragrant as well as crisp on point. 

Apple as well as Cucumber Juice $9
Freshly pressed as well as cooling sweet. 

The naturally lit dessert corner.

Tropical decorations

H5N1 smashing identify to chill as well as stimulate got a long chit chat every bit it's fairly non overcrowded. Nice soothing ambience. 
Remeber to earn points amongst your TANG carte du jour for $ points! ( points expire 1 yr from engagement of acquired)



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