Things to do in Singapore: [Eats] Kyoaji Dining Japanese Fine Cuisine — Immature Adult Woman Tam Chiak Nutrient Trail @ The Centrepoint

Japanese Cuisine Visuals
After bidding goodbye to Honolulu Cafe, nosotros proceeded for an exquisite visual feast at Kyoaji.
Kyoaji has precisely lately opened inwards Centrepoint marking four in addition to surprisingly at that spot are actually much to a greater extent than to locomote explored in addition to you lot tin forcefulness out easily discovery foodie delights at every marking inwards Centrepoint.

Kyoaji Means "Taste From Kyoto" 
Expect freshness from the fishes in addition to seasonal seafood straight air flown from Japan, stored at cold for extra lineament reassurance.

Kani Tofu $6.
We started amongst appetisers. 
This crab meat tofu is different anything I accept tasted before. It only melts inwards your mouth.
Such softness.
Topped amongst the savory crabmeat sauce in addition to the whole flavor was enhanced instantly.

Sashimi Moriawase (Jyo) $88
Such beautiful plating.
In this plate, you lot volition discovery assorted raw fish delicacies ranging from tuna, salmon, flounder ( the transparent white pieces at the centre plate), shrimps etc. 
Fresh, sweetness in addition to succulent sashimi. 
Such a bliss.

Duo Maki
Comes wrapped inwards tuna in addition to salmon. You larn the best of both worlds in addition to it' coin good spent.

Gyuniku Fagura Sauce $35
Grilled Beef amongst Goose Liver sauce. Juicy tender beef grilled to perfection.

Executive Chef John Phua has most xxx years of experiences inwards Japanese cuisine. In fueling has passion for Japanese cuisine, he is persistent inwards retaining the master agency of Japanese cooking.

Zuwai Kani Tama Mushi $16
Snow crab meat steamed egg. Chawanmushi gone up-classed amongst snowfall crab meat in addition to crab roes instead of frozen crabstick nosotros had to a greater extent than oft at eateries.

Fine, lineament japanese cuisine. Checked.
Ambience. Checked.
Attentive Service. Checked
For such a setting in addition to nutrient quality, prices are rather affordable.
 Enjoy a slow-paced japanese cuisine sense correct hither at Kyoaji.

The Centrepoint, #04-17


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