Things to do in Singapore: [Eats] London Fatty Duck (Vivocity)

"Wagyu of Ducks"
That's what London Fat duck prides themselves as, serving roast ducks made famous yesteryear restaurants inward London. 
The parents in addition to I headed to London Fat Duck inward Vivocity for a celebration in addition to since dad is a large lover of roast meat, why non ?
We had a fairly unproblematic order. Read on.

Sliced Fish Congee $7.80
Simply put, in that place are alone fish slices but the porridge was non overly runny in addition to was substantial plenty to fill upwards y'all up. 

Seafood Congee 'Ting Zai' style. $7,80
Ting Zai is a cantonese give-and-take for 艇仔 which loosely translated is a mix of jelly fish, peanuts, shallots, sliced fish etc.
 Fresh in addition to construct clean taste. 
Steamed Dumplings Har Gao $6 (4 pcs)
Pretty standard, prawn in addition to glue wrapped inward rice skin. 

Signature London Roast Duck ( HALF) $26
If y'all actually desire to convey a skilful gustation of the plump fatty duck, in addition to thus only gild  half component subdivision  and non those private plates of roast duck amongst rice. Ordering a one-half component subdivision would at to the lowest degree substantiate meatier portions of the the duck.
According to dad, he loves the plump juiciness of the tender roast duck meat. Didn't disappoint. 
Dip inward amongst the plum sauce on the side for tantalizing sweetness. 
We like! 

1 Harbourfront Walk
Vivocity #B2-29
No reservations allowed.


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