Things to do in Singapore: [Eats] Luxe Anti:Dote Afternoon Tea At Fairmont Singapore

Thanks to the gers for my birthday treat, I had the jeopardy to savour te pretty prissy tea sets at Antidote Bar Fairmont Hotel. I intend I must lead maintain snapped a 1000000 photos earlier nosotros started eating.:)
Because? Everything is only thus lovely sweetness similar candy (literally)! It's similar a tea political party alone created for females. Of course of teaching at that topographic point are guys who were inwards the crowd too. Overall, this is only similar a girl's dream come upward true.
And how tin you lot not? When everything looks that exquisite.

Unleash your inner self together with enjoy!

Ordering is fairly simple. Each individual has to guild ane fix which costs virtually $48++ each.
With that comes a selection of  your tea. Choose from the card selection of a arrive at of TWGs.
So at that topographic point nosotros had it. Okay seriously, I forgot the names of the teas nosotros ordered but the best tasting together with prettiest had to live the Pink Flamingo Tea! So guild that together with mix together with part the residuum

Before the main, came Appetiser
So nosotros had a selection of ii appetisers, 
So I had the oriental selections of dim amount version.
Looks thus exquisite. 

The 2d ane had equally ohh together with ah-ing equally it looked thus cute!
Presented inwards threes, these are organic egg topped amongst bounding main urchin, salmon roe together with caviar
Everything must lead maintain photograph amongst the cutlery together with tea fix 'cause they looked thus pretty.

And the jewellery box came...
So when the tea sets live on arrived carrying all the delectables, nosotros all allow a picayune  squeal,
So prissy pretty!

On the Menu
So, I shall non listing out all the items for it's non necessary. Just know that at that topographic point are the savories sandwiches together with the sweetness desserts inwards diverse forms together with scones too, which according to WX tasted actually authentically proficient similar inwards Scotland.

Of course, afterward which, nosotros took a lot of photo-spamming amongst the beautiful display inwards front end of us. 
Who wouldn't? But I intend nosotros took pretty long coz at that topographic point were iv of us. 
Who cares?  =)

Puffs together with Sandwiches.
Boston maine lobster, pickled cucumber, seaweed broiche, duck confit together with foie gras terrine puff pastry only to call them. 
All Thumbs Up!

The ambience in Anti:dote has much to offering equally well, of course.
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 classy, relaxing vibe for a lazy afternoon is all you lot need.

You likewise tin lead maintain your slice of cake together with swallow it. Book your side yesteryear side tai-tai high tea over at Anti:dote. 

(Sounds similar advertising for them. But I'm not. It's actually groovy for a girls' 24-hour interval out =) Guys, your appointment volition live pleased too. )

Mon- Thurs: 3-5pm
Fri- Sun; 12-2pm or 3-5pm

Reservations: 6431 5315


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