Things to do in Singapore: [Eats] Modest Potatoes H2o Ice Creamery Hongkong Forthwith Inward Singapore ( Novena)

I interrupt the travelogues alongside yummy eats to recommend today

O'Hail the Potatoes! 
Having seen then many IG posts on this photogenic lilacs display of the regal spud Ice Cream, nosotros decided to endeavor it for ourselves. Newly opened inwards Square two some months ago, link-able from Novena MRT station, you lot tin spot them correct at the terminate of the basement's nutrient plaza. 
This Hong Kong franchise definitely offers dinners alongside to a greater extent than on the plate 

Small What? 
Do non live on mislead past times its name. Rather, the 'sweet potato' inwards inquiry actually is only Japanese regal yam, every bit per below.
As you lot know, or non know, regal yam is similar inwards nutrients to its sugariness spud cousins, enriched alongside enough of Vitamin A, C, magnesium, folate in addition to Fe in addition to much more.  The lovely lady boss mentioned that the grooming of each loving cup of this goodness is totally natural regal spud squeeze alongside NO SUGAR in addition to preservatives added.
For ladies,we tin tuck inwards happily later knowing such natural sugariness indulgence has the purest cast retained. 

Japanese Purple Yam Ice Cream alongside Purple Yam Paste Dorayaki 
Consisting of Japanese potato, crispy rice, Japanese regal spud paste, azuki beans. The grooming involves Hokkaido Milk blended inwards alongside the Japanese spud glue to production the smooth, velvety, H2O ice cream-like texture. Next came the toppings which varies accordingly ( run across carte du jour below)
Conclusion: What actually entice me was the marshy-creamy sense of savour every bit the H2O ice cream melts inwards your oral fissure in addition to slides downwards enveloping a actually delish natural sweetness of the sugariness yam. It was if I was eating the actual Japanese spud every bit a whole.
Not overly sweetness was also a addition ingredient in addition to this settles for quite a practiced repast on its ain if you lot eat this every bit a per pax portion.  It's REALLY YUMMY minus the slightly pricetag for a modest cup. If however, character is what you lot are looking for, I would tell this is it.
Toppings were generously added too, non every bit good s

Choose your Choice
There are many other flavors to pick out from in addition to though the holler of each choice is a tiny-wee long in addition to difficult to embrace on the divergence betwixt each variance really, but the friendly staff volition live on at that spot to assist should you lot require explanations.  =) 

The whole layout is that of a kiosk really, alongside entirely a bar-top tabular array at the side alongside express position out of standing/ sitting customers. Otherwise, the shopfront is actually normal in addition to naught to holler about. curt of the adorable Purple Potato mascot. 
It's actually a dine-and-shoo form of a place. 
Fuss free. 

Find them: 

10 Sinaran Drive Square 2
Singapore 307506 
Daily; 11am to 10pm


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