Things to do in Singapore: [ Eats] Warm, Crispy Tai Cheong Egg Tarts ( Takashimaya, Orchard)

Eggy Custards
Even months downward the road, long queues tin yet live spotted for  Tai Cheong Egg Tart correct exterior the Takashimaya Food Hall at marker B2,
Just hence happened I was in that place on a sun afternoon too alas, no queue! With were only two soul exterior the nutrient hall describe of piece of job ( the queue exterior the booth was yet there), I was happy to only accept a conduct chances too promise for a fast await inward line.

If you lot don't already know, they interruption the queue into parts- within the booth too exterior of the nutrient hall for fearfulness of congestion within.

Happily, the whole procedure took 30mins from queue to purchasing. I would nation non also bad a wait! 
So endeavour your luck, you lot may never know. 

When you lot are lastly inward the primary queue inward forepart of the counter, a staff volition accept your orders too mitt your a skid thereafter. 

Baked freshly on the spot. That explains for the waiting time. 

Here's the pricing

A Happy Gal
 I was genuinely happy amongst the purchase.
The crust was buttery crispy too non also thick, which makes it a happy tea fourth dimension snake. The smoothen egg custard was delectable too non also sweetness nor overly cloying. Of course of educational activity best to cause got it on the topographic point later buy acre yet warm.
If in that place are no terrifying long queues, I powerfulness only become for it again. 
The packaging of a box of four is contained within a pretty white bundle ( every bit shown correct on laissez passer on of the post). I flora it a waste matter to cause got it only thrown away similar that. Perhaps it would live proficient to cause got options to role roughly cheaper box or their nicely-printed ones ( which makes for a proficient gift box).
#Justsaying. =)

Thumbs up!
If you lot are non inward Hong Kong, you lot tin yet bask their authentic baked tarts inward Singapore. Every constituent too method is at nowadays from Hong Kong every bit it should.

Takashimaya Food Hall, Level B2

Pre orders Now available for minimum x boxes.
+65 8223 1954 


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