Things to do in Singapore: [Eats] Chinatown Nutrient Street — L Cents Fest

50cents Fest?
 Everything 50cents? Well sounds also practiced to endure true, but dorsum on 30th together with 31st Jul ( Sorry I backlogged) everything was going at 50 cents, or rather multiples of it.
We were pretty excited to celebrate all things local together with headed downwardly to Chinatown Food Street where the fest was held. 
In celebration of Singapore's heritage together with rich culture, patrons were transported dorsum to the 50s/60s street hawker scene. 
Be'lo nosotros were exclusively in that place at nearly 7pm but the crowd was already going strong. 

Example, 2X 50 cents which agency $1 for a portion.

Of course, for the value paid, don't await normal serving size. Instead the nutrient were served on cute niggling "localized" bowls. So nosotros ordered pretty much many bowls of our local delights. 

By "localized" I meant, they were fifty-fifty adorned amongst the oldies Ping Pong designs! Remeber the days when nosotros used porcelin bowls amongst such prints. I recollect I withal convey them inwards my house. Somewhere.

Chicken Rice...

Duck Rice together with Oyster Omelette...

The social club went on amongst a whole lot to a greater extent than of Char Kway Teow, Cheng Teng, Laksa, Ngoh Hiang and Mee Teh ( rare find)— a thick glue made from grinded peanuts together with rice flour.

Rickshaw Noodles!
How long agone since nosotros had this?  ( Never?)

Even the peddlers were dressed upward to the nostalgic feel. 

Take a photograph amongst the Matas ( Malay for policemen) inwards their 60s uniform

Or play games at the stalls even. So much to do, really.

The whole street was abuzz amongst foodies all eager to teach their hands on the tasty stalls. It was together with hence lively together with packed ( but inwards a practiced way).

Traditional Toast breadstuff saw a super long queue. 

And when the prized pocession came, I only loved the paper packaging! 

It was actually a rattling nostalgic, heart-lighted outcome where patrons got to dine at 50 cents together with relive the olden days. The whole 50s/60s vibe was rigid amongst fringe activities happening or together with hence the street such every bit singing, games, dancing together with fifty-fifty fortune telling!
 It was fun for the younger generations together with evokes a sense of familiarity for the older generations I am sure.
Can't hold off for it's provide in 1 lawsuit to a greater extent than side past times side year! 

This outcome was organized by Chinatown Food Street


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