Things to do in Singapore: How To Pack To Pack For Iceland — From An Asian Perspective

There are tonnes of sharings online on what to pack when heading to Republic of Iceland from international go bloggers. More ofttimes than not, the brands mentioned are non that easily inside arrive at for purchase hither inwards Singapore, or inwards Asia perhaps.
Below I volition listing some items I managed to gather for the trip from Singapore's shops—offline as well as online.

You know how things tin acquire likewise mutual depression temperature for comfort.

We are thus used to the hot humid temperatures of Singapore that heading to Republic of Iceland truly puts me on a encephalon freeze mode. Temporary at least.

When I was in that location from terminate Nov to kickoff of February, strictly speaking, it wasn't that freezing butt cold. It did non fifty-fifty hitting minus. The most nosotros got was 0degC. As nighttime brutal deeper, the temperature could get got dipped to minus but nosotros were by as well as large already inwards our accommodations. Night falls chop-chop at unopen to 4 pm during winter. In the as well as basically in that location are no forms of shopping or amusement unopen to ( I am referring to areas exterior of Reykjavik such every bit Vik. Reykjavik existence the working capital missive of the alphabet is an exception,)

Nevertheless, when inwards preparation, nosotros prepared amongst -15deg inwards mind. Everything nosotros bought was to adapt that possibility of a temperature, As I get got learnt since other areas along the Artic Circle survive it inwards Canada or Sweden are much colder inwards comparing to Republic of Iceland inwards the same period. I get got been monitoring temperatures inwards Reykjavik since my return. For the whole calendar month of December, the lowest I saw was in all probability -4degC. From the words of my friends who happened to survive inwards Yellowknife, Canada she reported a whopping -15degC ! (And she was also able to location lovely Aurora)
Conclusion: Republic of Iceland is non that freezing icy mutual depression temperature every bit its hollo sounds.

Okay, I digress. Back to packing, I at to the lowest degree was super intolerant of the mutual depression temperature as well as had problem deciding what to purchase for inner as well as outer.


Inner layer aka thermal layer is crucial ( wool or polyester-blend thermal are ofttimes the stuff that is recommended). If yous are allergic to wool acquire the afterwards version. These two materials are sustainable for upwards to -15degC. While shopping, yous volition also location cotton wool thermal article of apparel but these tin exclusively sustain from 10 to 20 degC.

Here's what I constitute at ColdWear Singapore shops.

For me, I wore Uniqlo's Heattech Innerwear ( Note: There are iii grades: Ultra warm, Extra warm as well as 'Regular') I had the normal version as well as layer on amongst some other polyester thermal,  These two layers basically kept me comfortable throughout the trip.
I had non tried the Extra Warm Heat tech but I believed it mightiness get got been sufficient every bit the exclusively inner article of apparel layer if the temperature is upwards to null till -10degC. ( Psst: Uniqlo ever has sales online as well as offline thus stock upwards for your side past times side trip! Especially since the Dec stream is ending.)

 Once over again Uniqlo's Heattech fleece turtleneck came inwards handy as well as of course of pedagogy whatsoever of your long sleeved wool or fleece article of apparel volition survive good. The tip is effective layering amongst soft materials.
Do avoid cotton every bit it does non retain oestrus as well as if wet, volition motility yous to survive freezing cold, fast.

I had on two layers inwards the middle — the turtleneck as well as a flannel shirt that's practiced for layering as well as looks squeamish plenty every bit an outerwear if necessary.

The Down coat was the tricky part. Having no experiences at all inwards heading to the wintertime lands, I had a difficult fourth dimension finding the correct downwards at the correct price. But of course, eventually, I constitute choices inwards Uniqlo every bit good every bit in WinterTimes at Singapore IMM's outlet ( shopping mall) which has some slap-up ongoing discounts.
The pollex dominion is this: Choose a jacket that's waterproof with at to the lowest degree 80% downwards as per stated on the stuff label. Without down, which is essentially feathers from goose or ducks, yous can't survive kept warm. 90% Down is best for upwards to -10degC.
  The Uniqlo Seamless Down Short Coat is an awesome choice. Don't say I never share.
With that, yous volition survive snugly warm.
Trendy trench coats come upwards without downwards as well as are rendered useless inwards these weather.


 I had on a span of Fleece-lined leggings which I bought from Qoo10 and constitute it warm as well as snug. Inclusive of shipping, it costs a full of $12.90 as well as yous tin acquire multiple pairs for regular change. This tin truly component every bit a span of legging on its ain at a higher temperature of five to 0degC.
For me, I wore it every bit an inner layer. 
The inner fleece-leggings was paired amongst thermal pants from  Uniqlo Heattech High ascent legging pants which come upwards lined amongst fleece for extra warmth too. two layers was all I needed inwards Iceland. I had tried simply wearing the Uniqlo pants on its ain but it proved to survive non sufficient every bit mutual depression temperature air as well as the current of air would nevertheless seep in.

Yes, I get got to praise the Uniqlo legging pants for practically existence waterproof. Case inwards point, nosotros were totally drenched inwards the heavy downpour on i of those days. Heavy existence an understatement but nosotros had to leave of absence regardless. We were in that location at Skógafoss and in that location was no returning on some other day. If non ever. So, nosotros got out braving the huge downpour to accept those photos. 
Down jacket drenched, pilus drenched, shoes slippery over the melting snowy rocks. Alas, when I checked on the pants, my legs were dry out as well as the interior non wet. 
Case proved.


I had read numerous reviews as well as advice on non to article of apparel jeans to a identify which is wet as well as cold. I totally concord every bit jeans are cotton wool as well as if yous come upwards inwards contact amongst H2O ice or snow, say yous play inwards them, as well as thus your butt would survive freezing mutual depression temperature as well as your jeans volition accept forever to dry. However, that say, if yous know that the itinerary for your twenty-four hours is mainly walking inwards the urban essence or shopping around, as well as thus jeans volition survive fine. 
It tin acquire a chip bulky amongst the layerings thus I would propose yous to up i size for the outer pants as well as downwards jackets.

Hand Warmers

The take away for oestrus pads is real. If yous truly get got to downsize to the essential, acquire those paw warmers. Forget nearly torso or toes oestrus pads. My pals as well as I discussed what sort of oestrus pads create nosotros truly need? Handwarmers for me, win hands downwards as well as they turned out also to survive the cheapest too. Enuff said.

Now for the large secret. 
Where to acquire warm 'effective' oestrus pads?
OG. Yes. Head to People's Park OG ( Singapore's shopping mall) as well as sweep away.  
Definitely, plant inwards providing adequate warmth as well as heat.
This is the packaging.
Alternatively, Kiribai warmers tin survive constitute on Amazon too.

 Kiribai is the build as well as yous tin abide by them at the wintertime article of apparel department inwards OG. When I returned from my trip inwards early on December, the paw warmers were all gone. Left exclusively amongst the body/ feet oestrus pads.
Okay, thus maybe it's non that large of a hugger-mugger as well as everyone knows nearly the effectiveness of these pads.
I had tried the $2 oestrus pads over inwards Republic of Iceland as well as it did non work.  I would strongly recommend yous to acquire Kiribai's paw warmers.
 Keeps yous warm as well as happy. 

Body oestrus pads


Of course, in that location are the others similar a touch-sensitive span of gloves, scarf etc.

Beanie/knit cap ( most preferably lined amongst fleece). For me, I intend having a hood on the outer downwards jacket is to a greater extent than than suffice for the temperature of nearly iii to -1degC when I was inwards Iceland.  Of course of pedagogy for aesthetic/photo taking purposes, a cap volition nevertheless survive nice.
For fifty-fifty colder temperature below -5degC yous volition mayhap take away a beanie to popular off along your ears warm inwards add-on to the hood on your jacket.

Wool socks are strongly recommended to eliminate the wet to popular off along your feet warm.  Just to part I purchase wool socks from Qoo10, same seller every bit the thermal pants as well as it was good. I was basically kept warm as well as at $2,50 it's cheaper than retail.  Here's the wool socks link.


This was some other headache. For me, the wintertime noob. :)
There are definitely numerous hiking boots ameliorate as well as to a greater extent than withstanding but I am simply going to part where I got inwards the end.
Timberland was my alternative eventually as well as I had the Timberland Women's Nellie Boots.

Warmth: Definitely kept me warm from the mutual depression temperature as well as moisture.
Waterproof: After a twenty-four hours out drenched inwards the rain, the exterior was wet but my feet was kept dry out as well as snug. Subsequently, it dried out pretty good on the exterior too.
Thumbs upwards for the premium Nubuck leather!
Weight: Slightly heavier as well as accept some fourth dimension getting used to for walking, fifty-fifty amongst its anti-fatigue midsoles function. The <Authentic Rolls-up> is definitely a lighter version.

Traction: Slight disappointment but I empathize the soles were non anti-slip, to start amongst for the Nellie Boots.
 With the rugged condom soles, i would get got idea that the traction volition survive great. True, it was all pretty good till I come upwards across the H2O ice on stones/rocks. Totally slippery amongst no grip.
 Of course, I empathize these are non spikes-for-ice-kind of shoes but fifty-fifty on watery wooden planks, it proved to survive quite slippery as well as I wonder how possible it is to utilization for hiking.
 I volition in all probability endeavour over again for hiking inwards the future.

Disclaimer: This is non an advert for whatsoever of the brands inwards a higher identify as well as I had purchased all the inwards a higher identify products mentioned as well as tested them out inwards Iceland.

The inwards a higher identify items are of course, non exhaustive. If yous create get got to a greater extent than to share, comment below as well as allow us know.
Thank yous for reading as well as I promise yous volition abide by it easier to store for your Arctic trip!


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