Things to do in Singapore: Indoor Picnic At Wisma Atria (Orchard)

Flavors of The World
Picnic brings forth the Next-generation communal dining expereince amongst a food truck-inspired infinite concept in addition to an environs that transforms according to the fourth dimension of day, calendar month in addition to season! 

What To Eat?
Serving an international arrive at of cuisines amongst xiii private nutrient in addition to drinkable concepts inward the trend of an urban nutrient park, Picnic will feature a seasonal in addition to thematic approach to its menu, amongst rotating dishes. Be inward for a surprise!
Scroll downwardly for to a greater extent than nutrient items introduction. 

Embrace The Greens 
The dynamic lighting organization inside Picnic mimics the natural colours in addition to lighting of an outdoor park, patch constantly adjusting itself according to Orchard Road’s weather, fourth dimension of twenty-four hours in addition to calendar month of the twelvemonth to arrive at an ever-changing in addition to organic atmosphere.

Want to host an event? 
You can fifty-fifty customise the entire lighting ambiance in addition to color schemes according to your personal desires.  Three unique zones—Flower Garden, Picnic Park in addition to Beer Garden—Picnic is too abode to a 2,500 sq. ft. events plaza.

Example 1: Flower Garden yesteryear Evening...

...Versus Flower Garden yesteryear Day
Feel the breeze inward your pilus in addition to the lush greens of a seasonal outdoor setting landscaped and spearheaded yesteryear award-winning final result designer in addition to florist, Harijanto Setiawan, inspired yesteryear diverse commons spaces or in addition to thus the world.

Another zone— Picnic Park yesteryear Day

And the tertiary zone — The Bar

13 Trucks xiii Ways
With options including American, French, Italian, Japanese in addition to a unique Indian-Mexican fusion concept, at that topographic point are a plethora of offerings to indulge in. Tough luck deciding which to become for!

Ordering Goes Touchy
Much self-sufficient, only fellowship from the touch-screen panels , view a buzzer in addition to identify it on the reader in addition to await for the buzzer to beep for self-collection. 
Each truck alone featured a few principal highlights in addition to and thus it was non that hard to scan through what each of them had to offer

Be Wowed
Introducing some of the signatures inward Picnic.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
The nutrient came in addition to nosotros were similar in addition to thus always laid to tuck in.
Har Cheong Gai ($13, lunch; $19, dinner)
chicken wings are marinated inward a homemade blend of har cheong gai glue in addition to fried to golden

Tikka Taco ( Recommended)
A fusion accept on a supper in addition to street nutrient staple, fourth dimension to make a taco from roti prata.
Pork belly Taco ($12, lunch; $16, dinner).
crispy prata envelopes layers of grilled pork belly that is topped amongst crunchy pickled regal cabbage, pork crackling in addition to honey-chipotle mayo. 

Korean BBQ staples amongst a twist inward the shape of rice bowls, noodles in addition to Korean tacos
Spicy pork belly Taco ( $11, lunch; $15, dinner)
 topped amongst cerise salsa in addition to a zingy lime-onion savour in addition to tantalising obese pork belly. 

Rosti Haus
Korean Spicy Pork Belly Rosti inward spicy chili in addition to mustard sauce

Taiwan Treasures
Enjoy the comforts of Taiwan's Kong Ba Pao ( Below right, 2d plate from top).

Basic Kneads (Recommended)
Experience hot dogs in addition to grilled cheese sandwiches amongst the Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich laid ( middle). Really delicious amongst the juicy lobster bites which I personally highly favored.

Japanese stall dedicated to Hokkaido-inspired modern Japanese eats.
Hokkaido-style Butadon ($14, lunch; $19, dinner).A rice bowl comprising 3 cuts of pork that make got been marinated in addition to cooked on the grill amongst tare sauce.

Sundae Fundae
Seasonal gelato lollipops ($8). 
An ever-changing display of multi-coloured gelato lollipops amongst different flavours for each season.

More H2O ice cream choices in addition to yogurt soft serve to select from at the dessert bar. 

This chill-comfy greenish pasture lets yous make got your picnic indoors amongst comfort without breaking a sweat. 
Time for a "Picnic" gathering?

Wisma Atria #03-15-49
Orchard Road


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