Things to do in Singapore: Ix Unique Nutrient Yous Accept To Swallow Inwards Iceland

1. Icelandic Hot Dog

Part of Iceland's civilisation is its hot dog. When it doubt, but social club amongst "everything" — ketchup, chopped onions, mustard, remoulade (sauce similar to tartar) — served fresh too pipage hot. 
While reading the in-flight journal on Swiss Air, I came across i such famous hot domestic dog kiosk correct inward downtown Reykjavik, "Bæjarins Beztu".
This chain was named the best hot domestic dog inward town inward 2006 too nosotros could non hold back to instruct our hands on Icelanders' favourite. With to a greater extent than than 20K likes on Facebook, y'all know the brand is definitely to hold upward reckoned with. 

We were correct on the dot when the kiosk opens at 10 am but the heaven was withal dark, during the wintertime flavour final November. 
We were non the source inward line. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 bunch of local girls were faster than us.

Do non bother figuring out the menu. Or jeopardy looking similar an absolute noob. :)
Pylsa = Hot domestic dog Kr. 420
Unless y'all produce non desire or are allergic to certainly ingredients, social club with "everything" just like the locals. 

Bæjarins Beztu's Hot Dog

Our social club appeared inside minutes too there. All the goodness. The sausage is a mixed of mainly lamb, pork too beef mixture. Tasted similar a political party inward my rima oris amongst all the spicy-sweet sauce too crisp too raw onions. Paired amongst the pipage hot bun too y'all convey a filing elementary meal.
Thumbs up. 

Where To Find Them
Pósthússtræti & Tryggvagata ( located correct on Tryggvagata street)
Reykjavík, Iceland

2. Icelandic Fish

How produce y'all similar your Herring marinated too pickled? Pickled herring is a delicacy inward Europe too is a traditional dish for Christmas, particularly inward the Nordic. These pickles are commonly accompanied amongst biscuits, rye breadstuff etc.
See the pinkish too yellowish bowls? Those are strawberry too curry sauce mixed inward amongst the cured herring. Yes, curry ( 'karry' inward Icelandic). The curry version tasted real reasonable inward fact but the strawberry was a tad besides sweet. The master version? It has a stronger fishy smell. 
Give it a endeavour won't you? 

You would convey heard Republic of Iceland has the freshest seafood too fishes. Access to fresh fish is tops inward Iceland. During our trip, nosotros ate enough of cod too salmon. As a salmon lover I had fully embraced the thick sweetness slabs of obese fish, commonly grilled.

3. Icelandic Lamb

Icelanders dear their sheep too to a greater extent than so, mutton. Cooked inward diverse styles —smoked, braised, grilled, stir-fried — they are institute ofttimes inward everyday dishes. For me, the lamb olfactory belongings is ever besides strong, fifty-fifty Icelandic sheep cannot escape that.  If y'all convey non tasted Icelandic lamb, y'all convey non lived. Or thus they say. 
Hangikjöt (smoked lamb), on the right, is a favourite amongst the locals too is served every bit a mutual coldness dish. We had a instruct at it too it was non besides bad but a tad besides salty. 

4. Icelandic Water

Iceland's tap H2O is prophylactic for drinking too is inward the purest of all forms, having come upward from the icebergs surrounding the country. Even if y'all had purchased bottled H2O from the supermarts, it tastes just the same. Why non relieve a substantial total from buying water? Just drinkable from the tap!
From the tap, the hot H2O tends to convey a real distinctive sulphuric olfactory belongings every bit compared to mutual coldness water. This may instruct about getting used to, but the olfactory belongings is actually non that bad in i trial y'all instruct top the first, 2 tries too the H2O tastes just every bit what H2O does. We drank from tap H2O for nine days throughout too felt great, knowing the potential mineral benefits did cheer us upward too.

5. Huffer Puffer

For adventurous, instruct for the horse, whale or puffin meat. Try Dill too Matur og Drykkur inward Reykjavik.

6. Skyr Yogurt

Skyr is an Icelandic yogurt build too at that topographic point are no reasons why y'all should miss it. Head to whatever supermarts too at that topographic point y'all tin give notice honour them easily.  This low-fat dairy is deliciously smoothen too creamy, high inward poly peptide too other wellness benefits amongst lots of flavors to direct from.

This was how Skyr Yogurt is served at our invitee draw of piece of employment solid — amongst caramel sauce too all.
Lovely yummy.

7. Plokkfiskur

This fish too white patato stew looks delicious too is commonly served amongst night too sweetness rye bread. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 modern classic.

They are commonly sold at pitstop petrol kiosks too no, looking similar to lasagna. Look out for 'Fish Stew amongst Rye Bread too Butter' perhaps inward the carte du jour ( 2200kr = eighteen Eur)

8. Kjötsúpa

Icelandic lamb soup is clearly a regular home-cooked dish served amongst vegetables. I did non convey the jeopardy to gustatory modality it though.

9. Where is 'M'?

If y'all are missing your McDonalds, miss not, for y'all volition non hold upward tucking into cheeseburgers anytime shortly inward Iceland. I was amazed to discovery the lack of the yellowish neon sign. Yes, a province amongst no Mac invasion.
Instead, y'all volition withal hold upward able to spot other international fast nutrient chains such every bit Domino, Subway too Dunkin' Donuts.

Share amongst me what are your must-eats when inward Iceland?
Leave a comment below! Love to need heed from you.

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