Things to do in Singapore: Laborme App Helps Y'all To Instruct Out Things Done

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Oh only when y'all crave for that Michelin Soy Chicken Noodles or the Baked Cheese Tarts but had absolutely no fourth dimension to spare queuing for them, where tin shipping away y'all attempt help?

There is a novel kid app on the block that sets to assist y'all consummate your tasks without spending fourth dimension together with effort. 
Not alone only serving y'all inwards Singapore, LaborMe also brings y'all materials dorsum from Johor Bahru! Now y'all don't get got to pass fourth dimension stuck inwards jams? At the beginning, alone for sure items from JB are available to endure carried over together with it started amongst Uncle Tetsu’s Signature Cheesecake. But at nowadays every bit I am looking at the app now, they get got added a novel merchant from JB- Hiap Joo Bakery!! Omg. 

LaborMe taps on a community that regularly travels betwixt JB together with Singapore together with allows Singaporeans to asking for Taskers inwards JB to purchase cheaper products on their behalf together with bring
them dorsum to Singapore. Amazing? 

How it works?

Simply sign upwards together with pick out to :

1. "Discover Tasks" AKA y'all tin shipping away endure the tasker! Andear unopen to coin inwards the process. ( Afternote: So far when I tried to endure a tasker I had non been successful. Either the buyer thinks my biding cost is every bit good high or else. I was never awarded together with somethings the buyer never fifty-fifty answer together with the describe of piece of job only expires. So, actually I don't retrieve every bit a world I volition endure able to earn every bit a tasker. For now, LaborMe's taskers are all employed nether their pool. In their words, they had a strict verification procedure earlier allowing taskers to conduct whatever tasks inwards Singapore.) 

2. "Create a Task" AKA Be the buyer. Select the Task Types: Courier/Pickup, Food Delivery ( yep where the yummies larn sent to your house), Shopping together with Everything Else. 

So  I "Create a Task" to purchase the Uncle Tetsu Cheesecakes from Johor. 
Once I get got keyed inwards my address, delivery time, I tin shipping away ready the "OFFER PRICE" which, is the amount I desire to pay the driver/ tasker. 
( Afternote: I realized I tin shipping away alone ready the delivery appointment for 'Today' or 'Tomorrow' which agency I cannot house futurity orders. This mightiness pose inconvenience for early on planners similar myself.)

Note the nutrient cost is to endure paid to the tasker on the spot. Of course of teaching every bit the buyer, y'all would desire to offering every bit depression every bit possible, but if it's every bit good low... volition taskers bite?  But of course of teaching don't offering every bit good depression similar $3 for a JB trip... y'all know... what volition the tasker earn seriously? 

Anyway thereafter, i time the describe of piece of job is posted, only hold off for a tasker to bid. 

The tasker volition suggest his bid together with depending if y'all retrieve is acceptable y'all tin shipping away swipe to conduct or reject. 

And that's all sit down dorsum together with relax piece waiting for your delivery to larn inwards on the stipulate appointment together with time! 
( Afternote: Though I tin shipping away in-app message the tasker, but it's way amend to larn the contact of your tasker to sms him/her directly.)

I was elated when Uncle Tetsu’s Signature Cheesecake came knocking on my door.
Prior, I had asked the tasker how fresh the cake volition endure together with he said he bought them fresh daily from the orders. 

The nearest Uncle Tetsu outlet is at Jalan Austin Height, which from the map doesn't hold off precisely virtually to JB's City Square. 

The delivery came on fourth dimension every bit promised. 

I get got never had cheesecake from this build but it came nicely packed together with intact. 
Freshly baked every bit seen from the date. 
Taste? Light fluffy together with then moist! I was tempted to complete the melty cake inwards i setting. 
Best of all? It wasn't overly sweetness non every bit good cloying cheesy.


Try LaborMe if y'all demand to consummate tasks on hand!!

LaborMe app is available on Android PlayStore or Apple iTunes


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