Things to do in Singapore: Looks First—21 Artisan H2o Ice Cream ( Ang Minute Kio)

Photogenic Sweets
Sweating out nether the large hot sun? Looking for a cooling sweetness treat? How close this real much instagrammable H2O ice cream from 21 Artisan? We kickoff spotted traces from its AMK branch in addition to later discovered approximately other outlet at Cineleisure for all you lot key dwellers.

The AMK branch is nix to a greater extent than than a fuss-free store space, amongst bare minimum decorations in addition to furnitures. Nothing fanciful really. 
Would people driblet past times if non for these photogenic creations? 
By the agency they equally good sell H2O ice cream rolls  

We had both of the giant ( though non equally huge compared to those artisan 'monster' H2O ice cream cones spotted overseas) flavors — S'MORES (torched marshmallows) in addition to Honey Goldilocks.

S'MORES $5.90
Mildly-flavoured vanilla soft serve, oreo crumbles, white chocolate chips, s'mores, to a greater extent than oreos in addition to chocolate drizzle. Tasting equally cool-licious equally it looks. Your typical oreo chocolate in addition to vanilla taste.
As commons H2O ice cream melts equally the sped of zero, in addition to thus snap your pictures REAL QUICK.

Honey Goldilocks $6.40
The same vanilla soft serve, organic wildflower honey, graham crumble, s'more in addition to beloved comb,
The crumble in addition to honeycomb bites gave the additional squelch which definitely increased brownie points for this flavor.
 Overall nosotros prefer this seemingly to a greater extent than balanced in addition to harmonious creation of beloved in addition to vanilla. Sweetness was but right. 

Good for a cool-me-down if you lot bring individual to portion with. Too large to complete off on your own. 
Drop by!

21 Artisan Ice Cream
Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, 710 A
( Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 curt walk from AMK Station, run out towards the Mcdonald's in addition to walk through the town central)
Opens Sunday to Thurs: 1200-2200
Friday to Sat: 1200- 2230


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