Things to do in Singapore: Mak's Noodle Gone Upsized Amongst Novel Flavors

Michelin-starred Mak’s Noodle

Famous for its classic springy egg noodles, cooked al-dente together with paired alongside wontons or dumplings. This internationally recognized noodle store started inwards Hong Kong together with has been brought into Singapore since 2015 alongside the local chef's commitment to ensuring 95% similar sense of savor alongside their Hong Kong counterpart. 
Go alongside the soup for roughly sugariness please which sees the noodles picking upwardly the essence or guide maintain them dry out alongside the sugariness savory sauce.  

In celebration of Chinese New Year's Day 2017, Mak’s Noodle has introduced 5 novel dishes with
carefully selected ingredients to choose inwards a bountiful novel year. 

Double Happiness King Prawn Tossed Noodle

 ($13.80, available but inwards Centrepoint outlet)
Prawn oh prawn. For the Chinese, prawn symbolises laughter due to its pronunciation inwards Cantonese. 
As such, having prawns during the festive flavor promises lots of joy together with abundance fortune inwards the upcoming year. 
As for the prawns, aspect succulent sugariness tasting flash topped alongside scallion tossed inwards their signature sauce. 

Firm together with sugariness prawns for a novel year. 

 Longevity Shiitake Mushroom together with Fresh Prawn Wonton

 Noodle Soup ($7.90) together with Tossed Noodle ($8.80) 
Shiitake mushrooms, inwards Chinese folklore coupled alongside noodles, oft correspond longevity.
Have it soupy or dry out alongside their signature sparse long egg noodles. 

Wanton wrapped alongside fresh pork meat.

Prosperity Braised Abalone together with Dumpling of Tossed Noodle

Abalone is symbolic of abundance together with dumplings signify wealth ensuring that you lot volition savor keen prosperity!

Vegetable inwards Soup

vegetables used are either Hong Kong Kailan or Chye Xin together with are stewed inwards a especial stock alongside to a greater extent than stems used than leaves together with therefore every bit to endure able to absorb the flavour of the stock better.

Why Bigger?

In answer to findings together with feedback from Singapore customers who guide maintain expressed a wish to opt for to a greater extent than noodles, you lot volition endure glad to ind out that the bowls guide maintain upsized! H5N1 bigger part for bigger eaters. We were happy indeed. 
Mak’s noodles are traditionally served inwards its signature porcelain bowls, made specifically
small-scale inwards fellowship to run on the noodles from turning soggy.
Right: Original bowl size. Left: New bowl size. 


These novel items are but available inwards the Singapore outlets.
The Centrepoint
176 Orchard Road, Centrepoint, #01-63/64, Singapore 238843

 Honolulu Cafe

End on a sugariness note. For the dessert lovers, caput to the Honolulu Cafe, following from the carpark larn out from Mak's together with guide maintain roughly lovely egg tarts similar nosotros did!

New Beancurd Tarts

 For all the mutual frigidness lovers together with I constitute it to endure less sugariness than the master copy versions.
Priced at $2 each.
From similar a shot to 26 January enjoy Honolulu Cafe's Yuan Yang develop (2 egg tart together with ii edible bean tart at $5.00).


#01-33F/G The Centrepoint 176 Orchard Road
Singapore 238843


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