Things to do in Singapore: [Media Invite] Fun Amazing Race At Wisma Atria ( Orchard)

Lately receive got y'all noticed changes whenever y'all stepped into Wisma Atria? There seems to last novel shops that sprouted out. And if y'all are wondering that's right!
 As role of the mall’s continuous efforts to elevate its shoppers' experience, Wisma Atria has lined upwards an exciting moving ridge of culinary concepts as well as lifestyle retail offerings. 

Brand novel concepts waiting for y'all to explore! 

We were hosted to an amazing fun fourth dimension past times Wisma Atria as well as Word of Mouth (WOM) as well as it was awesome fun. nosotros gathered inwards the early on morn as well as the iv teams inclusive of ours had to compete to destination the tasks ASAP. Unfortunately nosotros didn't create make to clinch get-go identify only congrats to the grand winner! ( First prize winners larn to become on to the grand finals! So cool). 
 In fact all of us were winners as well as were gifted shopping vouchers from Wisma! 

Speaking of which I was paired upwards alongside Virginia and everything was pretty much inwards a frenzy because nosotros had to make the tasks spell taking photos or videos only it was a really adept practice cum fun fourth dimension to pass a Sat morning! 

Before the race, all raring to go!

Here's an intro to the stations nosotros went to as well as the brands who hosted us!
But First, Morning Breakfast
Entering into the mall from the principal entrance from the develop station, Joe & the Juice would receive got striked out for it's modernised, relaxing vibe inwards dark as well as pinkish hues.
Joe & the Juice made its debut at Wisma Atria inwards August. Serving an array of organic coffee, freshly made fruit as well as vegetable juices as well as rye breadstuff sandwiches. This contemporary Danish cafe offers a funky as well as healthy-packed sense to shoppers grabbing a breakfast seize alongside teeth or a lunch-to-go.

They actually did feed us VERY good alongside the delish fruit juices as well as sandwiches. Tunacado, Turkey sandwiches were toasted to crisp as well as healthily flavorful too.
Big Love for a yummy headstart!

Race Starts!
1st stop: Qoosh Nail Spa
Our get-go halt saw us dashing upwards to Qoosh Nail Spa on degree three as well as having our nails painted for each other on 1 hand. It was similar dashing icon of the nails. And nosotros had to tape a video! 
Sorry no photos taken. 

2nd Stop: FitFlop
 We thence sped to FitFlop at degree 1. Guess y'all don't demand much introduction. FitFlop carries ergonomic sandals, shoes as well as boots alongside world-class design, fashion sense as well as a innovating mix of beauty, brains as well as top-notch biomechanics.
In this station, nosotros had to honour the matching couplet of sandals every bit was shown as well as tried it on alongside our suitable size earlier snapping photos! 

3rd stop: Joe & the Juice
We dashed dorsum to Joe & the Juice as well as had to destination 1 large tall fruit juice as well as a small-scale loving cup of lime summation 1 HUGE sandwich - which I was already every bit good total past times then. Because Virginia was ill as well as couldn't consume much thence I  bravely took upwards the describe of piece of job of stuffing chewing.

See me below alongside my oral fissure total =DD

4th Stop:
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers tin flaming brighten upwards anyone’s 24-hour interval or a especial occasion, such every bit a birthday or an anniversary. For the get-go time, Wisma Atria is delighted to welcome a home-grown floral shop,, into the mall at Level 1.

We actually did brighten upwards our ain 24-hour interval past times making a bouquet according to the motion-picture exhibit shown to us.

5th stop: Mido Optics
Located at Level 1, if y'all demand to prescribe a fashionable couplet of spectacles or sunglasses thence permit Mido Optics make the magic for you.
Similarly, nosotros had to honour matching sunglasses from the attain as well as took photos alongside them.
We hold back thence cool no? =PP

Finally nosotros completed the quests as well as came inwards third Hoo hoo... hahaha only it's the sense that counts
After the race ALL DONE as well as inwards glee.

Don't state I bo jio, only hold back out for to a greater extent than exciting new stores opening upwards inwards Wisma Atria.
Here's the lowdown:

Fashionista Alert
Oct: Vivre Activewear
 Vivre Activewear is a local activewear build designed for daily wear, gym as well as yoga activities every bit good every bit other lite to medium-intensity sports. First launched inwards Apr 2014, its apparels are peculiarly designed to meliorate fit the Asian trunk frame as well as the primal features include built-in bras for tank tops as well as moisture-wicking fabrics to piece of job on ladies dry out as well as odour-free.

Nov: Picnic
Picnic is a 10,000 sq-ft next-generation communal dining eatery which provides a attain of international cuisines, including American, French, Italian as well as Japanese. Diners are promised a fully immersive dining experience, alongside the infinite designed to recreate the liberate energy as well as vitality of outdoor dining inwards a dynamic always changing urban park.

This French jeweller has clad countless women every bit good every bit men alongside its unique, modern-day jewelry as well as timepieces. Mauboussin reinterprets fashion conduct inwards jewelry inwards the most contemporary form, where jewels such every bit rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings as well as watches accept pose of swell prominence

Foodies Alert!
Dec: Fruce 
Fruce symbolizes the amalgamation of fruits as well as desserts. Its specialty includes mutual frigidness dessert beverages, fresh kokosnoot concoctions as well as floral refreshments. Carefully paired as well as selected, each imbibe brings close a modern interpretation of flavours, giving a novel dimension to a traditional taste.  

Eyescream as well as Friends
yescream as well as Friends fosters a visually appealing ice-cream eating experience. The H2O ice cream is created inwards cylindrical corporation blocks that are frozen at -25°C. The blocks are trimmed using a specific Asian trend of shaving the H2O ice cream inwards gild to obtain smooth, sparse layers known every bit "shaved gelato".  
Jan 2017: Samurice
With the aim to spread the message of the healthiness as well as deliciousness of Japanese rice as well as Washoku (Japan’s traditional cuisine) to the world, SAMURICE uses carefully-selected ingredients, such every bit rice, seaweed, as well as salt, that are all produced inwards Japan.

Start saving your purse at in 1 trial as well as consume or store to your hearts' please at Wisma Atria!! 
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