Things to do in Singapore: Meet Your Blue Planet Amongst Novel Acuvue® Oasys® 1-Day Lenses

Ditching Spectacles For Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Change

I cause got been wearing contact lenses for the terminal 10 years. For us girls who had unfortunately made "friends" amongst myopia or astigmatism, getting the correct eyewear mightiness move a constant struggle. Lenses, on the other hand, give us the versatility, convenience in addition to cosmetic enhancement for a to a greater extent than confident look. Why non bring together me inward gaining full freedom?

  Meeting the demands of my function tin displace accept a toll on my eyes amongst all the staring at the figurer screens in addition to reflections, causing strain to the eyes indirectly. The ACUVUE® Oasys® 1-Day came inward handy every bit an update to my lifestyle needs. 
I gave the lenses a shot inward determining what differences in addition to experiences they could bring.

Extra Comforting Experience

If you lot e'er experienced fatigue inward your eyes piece wearing lens, the ACUVUE® Oasys® 1-Day promises to moving ridge them goodbye with the plant of HydraLuxe Technology. Its EYE-INSPIRED DESIGN has tear-like properties that gel with the natural tear celluloid of the eyes to supply all-day performance, in addition to inward keeping your eyes feeling comfortable throughout the day.

Easy to Handle

I dear the fact that putting on in addition to removal was rattling slowly amongst the smooth HydraLuxe Technology. Throughout the 8 hours per twenty-four hours (or to a greater extent than on some days), my eyes felt full comfort amongst the lens in addition to never 1 time dried or tired. It was every bit if I had perfect eyesight over again in addition to was enjoying full freedom. The reality solely sets inward when I had to take the lens past times the destination of the day, past times which, you lot volition break the lenses remaining moist in addition to hydrating.

UV Protection

What I dear is besides the high-level UV Blocking features, blocking upward to a whopping 99% of UV-B in addition to some 97% UV-A. Our eyes definitely demand UV shading from the blazing sun, specially inward the tropics. 

Oxygen Content

I was glad to larn my eyes were inward condom hands with ACUVUE® Oasys® 1-Day's breathability of 98% of available oxygen with the role of Silicon Hydrogel fabric (senofilcon A).  The availability of oxygen is of import inward ensuring your eyes are well for you lot in addition to infection-free. I cause got learnt the difficult agency amongst difficult lens agency dorsum when I started out amongst contacts in addition to it was no joke.

For a express period, you lot tin displace enjoy $30 off from retail cost at $72 per box.!

Simply download the $30 e-voucher to seek ACUVUE® OASYS® 1-Day (Voucher volition besides move valid for other cardinal brands – Define™, MOIST® for Astigmatism, MOIST® Brand Multifocal).
Visit your opticians for an actual agree of your prescription.

Join me! Improve your active lifestyle in addition to come across your Blue Planet clearer amongst the ACUVUE® OASYS® 1-Day.

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