Things to do in Singapore: Ming Chung Eating Theatre 民众菜馆 — Lor Mee (Maude Rd, Jln Besar)

No-frills Heng Hua Cuisine

I accept long heard of Ming Chung, famed for its Heng Hua (兴化) style Lor Mee as well as was downward on an early on weekday eve around 5pm to 6pm for an early on dinner. As it was notwithstanding considered relatively early, in that location wasn't much of a crowd, but in that location were some dining patrons already seated. We had non placed any reservations and were lucky to last able to walk-in without having to facial expression to a greater extent than or less for a table.

It's a typical Chinese restaurant set up, simple with no-frills.
Serving fourth dimension was fast as well as we didn't have to sit down to a greater extent than or less for also long every bit good but the crowd began to thicken when nosotros instruct out most nigh 7pm. 
Lots of staff as well as occupying two store spaces, it's slow to meet how skillful the crowd gets every bit the dark goes on. 

**The Batang Fried Fish is 1 of their popular dishes to fellowship but nosotros did not.

Lor Mee Medium $8 (large)

The highlight volition accept to last the Lor Mee. Unlike the typical lor mee inwards dark thick sauce, the Heng Hua mode sees the thick white noodle cooked inwards a lighter coloured gravy base. The gravy was merely every bit thick as well as gummy every bit the dark version, having been mixed inwards alongside cornstarch.  It was something dissimilar for a alter as well as nosotros were happy alongside this new acquired lor mee taste.
The bee hoon was chewy as well as springy making a overnice combination.  
The constituent is non huge as well as then you lot postulate non last afraid non to last able to finish, as well as then ahead alongside the large size if you lot accept three or to a greater extent than pax.

The residuum of the orders were groovy to instruct alongside the carbs but non just the highlight. Still, Ming Chun is a skillful house to last for some old-school zichar mode dining at reasonable price. 

Prawn Fritters $16 (Small)

This was 1 of the not-so-ordinary dishes nosotros favoured. Brings dorsum one-time memories but to everyone else, it mightiness last merely the normal prawn batter prawns. 

Oyster Omelette $10 (Small)

Kai Lan & Bean Curd Skin $8 (Small)

Barley $1.8 each
Towels xx cents each

Price inclusive of 7% GST but no service charges.

Closed on Mondays.
Opening: 1500-2330
tel: 62963428


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