Things to do in Singapore: [New!] Magnolia's Oats-Some Mode To A Corking Breakfast

Magnolia Fresh Milk 
We all know the importance of breakfast only how create y'all plow your daily breakfast into an OAT-SOME one? The Magnolia Fresh Milk nosotros stimulate got inward our daily staple has reinvented itself as well as launched a novel season — Magnolia Plus Oats Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Milk.

With the additional benefits from the goodness of oats which improves blood cholesterol levels as well as helps curb hunger, all I tin tell is growth your intake of oats daily! Of course of report oats too irksome downward the unloose of insulin inward the arrangement as well as reduces saccharide grade spikes.

More calcium, less fatty as well as forfeited amongst beta glucan, potable upwardly to wholesome goodness!

From now, buy 2 2-litre packs or 2-litre bottle of whatever Magnolia Pasteurised Milk as well as redeem a colorful breakfast mug to cheer upwardly your day!
See what I gotten, the cherry yellowish mug does 'Bring on SUNSHINE' for me indeed.

Retailing at $3.50 avail at all leading supermarkets.


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