Things to do in Singapore: Not Entree Desserts — Artisan Creative Desserts (Rangoon Road)

Eat Your Art
If yous wanna larn for photogenic, insta-worthy desserts that would brand your colleagues swoon, too thus yous should drib yesteryear Non-Entree Desserts for a visit. Each slice of dessert is an artisan curated piece— pretty to await at too sense of savor fantastic. 
Get busy amongst your hands from multiple snapping earlier tucking in. 

Chill too Wait
Be warn, the queue on weekends are long too yous volition convey to hold off out. We waited for exactly about thirty to 45 mins or so. There is no reservations too yous convey to live on at that spot on the spot. 
Judging yesteryear the crowd, yous tin empathise why their desserts are such hot favourites right? 
The hold off ( too calories ) was definitely worthy for such fine, lineament desserts at wallet-friendly prices.

 Matcha Green Tea Avalanche 
with Azuki Beans $13.90
One of the most ordered items on the menu. This avalanche comes inwards 2 flavors- chocolate too matcha light-green tea. 

The fun actually was seeing the molten lava menstruum when yous broke opened the crunchy almond nougatine, dripping on operate yesteryear the orange-infused H2O ice cream. Oh-my-yummy.
Catch the action!
Moist agree cake amongst warm lava too mutual depression temperature H2O ice cream? Warm, cold, warm cold. You larn the idea. H5N1 neat sensory tasting match. 

Cherry Pop $13.90
Enlarged a cherry close xv times too yous larn this manifestation version coated amongst nighttime chocolate. =D

Pry opened similar a Kinder Surprise too yous volition uncovering to a greater extent than nighttime chocolate amongst Kirsch foam, earl grayness jelly, marinated cherry compote, sponge too spicy cherry sorbet, littered amongst chocolate soil on the plate. Such an acquired taste, combined amongst the slight bitterness of alcohol, creating a bittersweet aftertaste. 
The alcoholic pct was non rigid too rattling pleasing. 
With a pretty plating to boot, the Cherry Pop is akin to something yous tin alone uncovering inwards fine dining restaurants. 


Rose Cake
This was something non on the carte du jour too was spotted at the display expanse that nosotros only picked up. 

Rose infused outer chocolate coating amongst raspberry jam centre inwards sponge cake. 
Light, sugariness pleasant concoction. 

Look out for a whole attain of items from Non Entree Desserts. Ice creams, waffles, toasts, java drinks what convey you. And yes, if yous convey been scrolling, they convey introduced a serial of novel items which include exactly about rattling whimsical bak chor mee except they are non your typical ones inwards the nutrient centre. 
Can't hold off to endeavour those out! 

Non Entree Desserts
204 Rangoon Road ( Nearest Station: Farrer Park)
Singapore 218451 

Opening Hours: 
Tues- Thurs : 2pm - 10pm
Fri : 2pm - 11pm 
Sat : 12pm - 11pm
Sun: 12pm - 10pm


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