Things to do in Singapore: Novel Cafes You Lot Tin Strength Out Walk To From Singapore-Johor Bahru Customs, Malaysia

All y'all cafe hoppers should endure good aware past times at nowadays of the numerous cafes together with eateries sprouting around Johor Bahru (JB) City Square in Malaysia. For the unfamiliar, JB City Square is considered a picayune one-day getaway for many Singaporeans to Malaysia together with is 1 of the shopping malls inwards JB from which Singaporeans love to congregate at for shopping or dining due to the stronger Singapore: Malaysia commutation rates.
So for those who are non keen on shopping, at that spot is this picayune expanse exactly exterior the mall — along Jalan Dhoby expanse y'all tin explore for a sub-culture expereince.

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In add-on to my firstly compilation inwards 2014 where I had listed other eateries within walking distance from JB City Square  this shipping service is an update, which sees the opening of build novel eateries, attracted past times the influx of Singaporeans who readily made their agency at that spot for shopping together with dining.
Who knows?
There mightiness endure to a greater extent than versions inwards the hereafter too. But below are 7 places y'all should cheque out.

1. Shakespeare Milkshake

Shakespear's inwards town! Right inwards Johor Bahru inwards fact is this fashionable cafe serving modern sweets together with java for the immature together with hip. The interior spells minimalistic inwards build clean white together with forest elements, perfect for a photo.

 Our Order

Kinder Shake RM16
This photogenic shiver has been photoed a break of times past times Instagrammers. 
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 mix of chocolate, kinder, milk together with crunchy peanuts on the side. Creamy, rich shiver to cool downward nether the hot sun. As skillful equally it looks. 
You larn the idea.

Ham Croffle RM8
We marvelled at how innovative this was. Looking similar a waffle cone, it is anything but.
Guess what? As the holler spells, it's a croissant inwards fact, sandwiched amongst ham together with melty mozzarella cheese. Afterwhich, the croissant was pressed past times a waffle-maker producing the appearance below!
Results? crispy flakiness that makes for a skillful snack!


9, Jalan Trus
Johor Bahru 80000

2. Flowers In The Window 

Just across the route from The Replacement is this garden-themed cafe amongst its beautiful concept on works life together with fauna. Spotting over a two-storey space. We ordered the below (scroll down) together with constitute them to endure mediocre. Perhaps nosotros should receive got ordered a "cooked" dish, non something mutual frigidness together with assembled. The nutrient did non left much of an impression.


The 'vintage' piece of furniture exactly about the cafe, though they were supposed to convey a feel of yesteryears, does non seemed to endure maintained or cleaned. We spotted broken cupboards doors, dusty drinking glass panels. Shouldn't the cleaning endure on par? 
I went to the lavatory together with the status was horrible. Wet together with dingy flooring amongst chocked basins, y'all larn the idea. 
Toilets pretty much reverberate the hygiene measure of an eatery, no? 


The centrepiece has got to endure this poster wall amongst its quirkiness together with all which warrants hence much curiosity from cafe hoppers for a visit.

Our Order

Spinach Quiche RM15
It was actually uncomplicated together with didn't warrant much excitement unfortunately

Salmon Salad RM 24
Fair mediocre though pretty on presentation.

I would state the interior was pretty magical together with quirky together with notwithstanding worth a visit. For nutrient ordering, pick out something that needs whipping upwards from the stove instead of mutual frigidness dishes.
Let me know what else is skillful inwards the comments below if y'all receive got to Flowers inwards the Window before?


nine Jalan Dohby, 811000 Johor Bahru

3. Amphawa Boat Noodle

We stumbled upon this store together with did a double receive got when nosotros saw an indoor waterfall! What a picturesque sight. 
The ambience was cosy plenty for a long remain together with though nosotros were pretty filled upwards past times together with hence nosotros decided to give a shot at their boat noodles which were priced actually inexpensive at RM1.90

Roamed to 2d score for a bird's eyes view.

Our Order

We had iii dissimilar flavors of their renowned boat noodles — Amphawa Chicken Boat Noodle, Rangsit Chicken Boat Noodle together with Tom Yam Prawn Noodle RM1.90 each.
We totally 'heart' the boat noodle inwards the dissimilar flavors but the old 2 tasted similer akin to the night sauce together with on the sweeter side.  However, if y'all are keen something to a greater extent than hot together with spicy, I volition recommend y'all to zoom inwards direct for the Tom Yam Prawn Noodle which was actually "shiok" ( Singapore slang for bully satisfaction). 
Fish Cake RM11.90
 was crispy together with gratuitous to the chili dip. 
Thai nutrient at its best, really. For reasonable prices together with cooling ambience. 
We volition endure dorsum for to a greater extent than thai food. 


No.32, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Bandar Johor Bahru

4. The Replacement Lodge (Update)

This clean, minimalistic cafe has been 1 of the long standing ones together with is notwithstanding enjoying potent crowds. Since our earliest patronising inwards January 2016 when the cafe firstly opened, nosotros of late dropped dorsum to the cafe together with noticed quite some changes inwards item to the seating together with display arrangement. To welcome together with accommodate to a greater extent than customers, to a greater extent than chairs together with tables receive got been packed inwards replacing the once-spacious, opulent layout. Of course, that is understandable. Have a await at how beautiful The Replacement looks similar at the beginning. 

It's skillful for the business, to receive got a salubrious current of customers flowing inwards together with nosotros saw plenty of that, amongst queues inwards delineate constantly.

Besides the attractive interior, the nutrient has to endure exactly equally awesome for returns. We headed dorsum together with the nutrient did non disappoint. The character together with measure has definitely been sustained together with good worth the pricing.

Our Orders

This fourth dimension nosotros had our cuppas together with some snacks.

Bnb French Toast RM18.90
Crispy bacon together with banana slices caramelized for a sweet, savory combi topped amongst vanilla H2O ice cream together with crispy toast drizzled amongst dear together with nosotros receive got a perfect breakfast combo.

Flavored Latte RM11-12 each
We had our Latte inwards rose flavor.
Medium-bodied together with aromatic amongst hints of rose. 

You volition non immature adult woman the visible queue at its doors on weekends. As its holler suggests lodging services are available besides together with from the photos, they await build clean together with sleek. Pretty skillful alternative if y'all wishing to remain close to a centralised location inwards JB.


33 - 34, Jalan Dhoby
Johor Bahru 80000

5. Tokyo Secret

With our fascination amongst everything cheesey, gauge (Singaporean) foodies were specially delighted to listen nigh the word of yet (another) well-known Japanese cheese tart build opened correct across Singapore causeway.
Located correct smacked within City Square, this store saw some queues but no worries, the waiting fourth dimension was fairly fast inwards nigh 10 minutes. No seatings alone takeaway.

Packed inwards a actually pretty handbag but compassion nosotros had no purpose for it together with threw away. Else, perfect equally a gift.

Our Order

Harajuku Cheese Tart RM7.90, Matcha Cheese Tart RM8.90 together with White Chocolate (Seasonal) RM 8.90
To bask the best expereince, receive got it straightaway piece the tarts are hot. If y'all were to convey home, store inwards the refrigerator together with oestrus upwards earlier eating or receive got it cold.

While the master copy tasted skillful together with practically melts inwards your oral cavity amongst the soft cheese, the matcha was pretty special together with had an inner layer of mochi surprise. Worth a try!
The white chocolate was non actually engaging together with tasted similar a chocolate tart instead of cheese.


Lot MS-03, Level 4, Johor Bahru City Square, 
Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Darul Ta'zim, Bandar Johor Bahru

6. Koone

Missed this pinkish parlour inwards my recent JB trip, promise to endure at that spot to endeavor out their pretty soft serve soon. They opened upwards pretty like shooting fish in a barrel though, but meanwhile hop on past times if y'all are exactly about the area.

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 Generic Directions

All the higher upwards cafes mentioned are easily accessible from JB City Square ( connected via Singapore to JB customs) exactly past times walking on foot. Exit from City Square Office Tower (look for City Square Level 1 McDonalds together with walk direct towards the component tower) together with caput to Jalan Dhoby area. Once there, y'all volition spot many eateries together with cafes.
Have a filling foodie twenty-four hours exploring the interesting eats inwards Johor Bahru!


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