Things to do in Singapore: Nunsongyee Brings Outlet-Exclusive Bingsu Christmas Cheers

For the Love of Bingsu
Have yourself a snowy white Christmas! 
It's alright if nosotros can't larn snowfall inwards Singapore, because nosotros tin ever brand upwards for it alongside a snowy, sweetness dessert at nowadays from Korea's shores. Yes, that dessert volition hold upwards none other than Bingsu. Far from over, nosotros are nonetheless obsessed alongside everything from the acre of Kimchi in addition to that includes their summertime hot favourite dessert — Bingsu. 

Exclusive Flavors
This festive season, Nunsongyee, a Bingsu speciality cafe volition hold upwards serving you lot their outlet exclusives featuring 1 unique flavor from each of their v outlets. This exceptional flavor volition exclusively end till 31st December. Of course, their traditional hot favourites Bingsu such every bit Patbingsu ( Red Bean), Black Sesame Bingsu volition nonetheless hold upwards available. 
As for Nunsongyee, this bingsu cafe is opened past times a Korean in addition to has seen the job concern grow into v outlets inwards Singapore. Setting upwards every bit the owner's personal beloved for this sweetness cooling dessert favored past times Koreans inwards the summer, this snowy shaved H2O ice bowl is merely perfect for Singapore conditions all yr round. 

We Dig It!
So hither nosotros were at their Bugis outlet in addition to nosotros had an enjoyable fun fourth dimension earthworks to their outlet specialty — Deluxe-Chocolate. Covered alongside nighttime chocolate flakes, chocolate H2O ice cream, coco balls, it's melty chocolate inwards 1 spoonful accompanied alongside smoothen fine H2O ice shavings for non bad enjoyment. 

Besides Bingsu, the store too serves other specialties such every bit Korean Rice Cakes in addition to Signature Toast. We were treated to the Cheese Injeolmi Toast which was simply. The toasts were delish, served warm in addition to sandwiched inwards betwixt mozzarella cheese

Opens 24 hours a day, at that spot is no ameliorate supper house than Nunsongyee is there?
Centrally located exactly contrary Bugis Junction, this outlet is super convenient in addition to a favourite hangout past times immature in addition to old. 

Thanks to Nunsongyee for the invite.
This is an invited tasting but opinions are the writer's own.

Nunsongyee ( Bugis)
534 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188749
6268 8220


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