Things to do in Singapore: Relish Unique Japan Experiences At Japan Track Cafe Singapore

Japan Here We Come

Operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East), Singaporeans welcomed the opening of the Nippon Rail Cafe on iv Dec 2016 alongside much anticipation. Being the avid travelers nosotros are, Nippon is no a unusual province for many of us as well as a truthful paradise to fully immerse inwards food, art, culture, scenery, amusement as well as hence much more. 

JAPAN RAIL CAFE: One-Stop Japanese Experience

Aiming to promote go to JapanJapan lovers tin detect exclusive hit of Japanese trendy products merging alongside the convenience of rail ticketing services for Japan rail passes. Speaking of which, anyone who travels approximately the dissimilar regions of Nippon volition definitely require a JR Pass on manus as well as purchasing had simply been made easier inwards this cafe.
Feel the excitement of planning for a trip to Nippon alongside unique data as well as services across the board correct inwards the cafe. 
Could barely contained my anticipation equally I stepped into the cafe! 

Every month, the cafe volition characteristic a lesser-known part as well as this calendar month it was TOHOKU 東北 . 
 Look out for these interesting newsletters such equally the ane below; as well as larn yourself acquainted with the dissimilar regions inside Japan!

Just inwards fourth dimension to commemorate SJ50, nosotros are real glad to go able to offering JAPAN RAIL CAFE equally a permanent physical infinite to laid upward a community for Nippon lovers interact closer as well as come upward together to portion their experiences on travelling to Japan. Through regular interesting onsite activities such equally scrapbooking and other interactive workshops to go held, nosotros aim to promote to a greater extent than involvement inwards the less well-known sightseeing regions for adventurous Singaporeans who actively excogitation their ain itineraries fifty-fifty few months prior to their trips”, says Makoto Yamataka, General Manager of JAPAN RAIL CAFE, Singapore.

The cafe is divided into iii parts: dining surface area also an termination space, rail transcend ticketing surface area as well as retail area.

Dining Area

Highlight of the cafe. The carte du jour adopts of combination of diverse F&B recipes developed yesteryear JR East Food Business (JFEB), a nutrient subsidiary nether the JR East Group owning to a greater extent than than 50 brands of F&B outlets inwards Tokyo. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 hit of Japanese daily plates such equally burger sets, sandwich sets and rice bowls volition go served, alongside a especial carte du jour  featuring representative dishes of the monthly featured region.
We vicious absolutely over the signatures. 

The★Ultimate A.B.C Burger

This specialty of Becker’s, a burger eating seat chain nether JFEB, this ultimate burger is made yesteryear coupling avocado, bacon, cheddar cheese and 160g juicy wagyu beef patty inwards betwixt fresh lettuce as well as master soft buns from Boulangerie ASANOYA. Piled high alongside tender juicy beef as well as melty cheese inwards between, nosotros were savoring the rich savory sweetness of the burger. You volition non tell no to this! 
Look at the generous fillings!
Comes alongside selection of ii sides as well as nosotros had it alongside wedges as well as mini salad.

Kaisen Avocado Don 

I believe this volition go a hitting for ladies who honey to eat clean. Because nosotros absolutely honey the subtle sweetness of the salmon sashimi as well as how it comes together alongside everything else, including the salubrious grain rice, scallops as well as avocado slices. 

Discover some other agency of eating don here.
Unlike normal seafood rice bowls, this don comes served alongside Japanese soup for y'all to laid upward your ain Ochazuke yesteryear pouring the soup over the rice. To travail both styles, conduct maintain it equally per normal outset as well as towards the halt pour inwards the dashi stock. 
Oishi !!
The Kaisen Avocado Don was developed from the concept of JFEB’s lifestyle concept café NOMONO Kitchen , a real pop cafe inwards Ikebukuro,  Akihabara as well as many other areas inwards Tokyo.

Watashino Curry Rice

Another hot favourite ( literally). 
I pump the Japanese curry sauce. Made from dark pepper base of operations as well as a blend of diverse spices, this curry is of the correct note, non also sugariness or spicy, combined alongside minced beef. The sauce was hence skillful when mixed inwards alongside the 10-grained rice as well as digged inwards alongside the crispy fried chicken cutlet.

Choose from a hit of ii other mains such equally stir-fry pork or fried oysters as well as 1 side dish. We had was the burst-up crab cream korokke. 

Drinks counter

Brought sister along alongside me for the tasting. 
Thanks to JAPAN RAIL CAFE for the warm hospitality as well as the friendly service crew.

Take-away Counter

Choose from Panasonic's Life Salads or ASANOYA's bakes.

Rail Pass Area

JAPAN RAIL CAFE spots a Nippon Rail Pass Counter which brings travelers much convenience! Run yesteryear JTB Singapore, y'all tin forthwith buy the Nippon Rail Pass as well as go attended yesteryear friendly as well as knowledgeable staff from JTB who volition go able to assist y'all alongside whatsoever enquiries.
Full hit JR passes from Nationwide to specific regions' are available for purchase.
From left: Special cheers to Ms Sugawara Manager JTB Singapore as well as Ms Cylia for generously having me accept this shot of them at the Rail Pass Counter. 

Retail Area

JAPAN RAIL CAFE collaborates alongside Oishii Nippon to launch a “Food Nippon Selection” simply for consumers, retailing a multifariousness of nutrient items originating from the monthly featured region. Also, y'all volition go able to shop Japanese trendy items from JR East’s retail stores as well as shopping malls – a manifestation of Japan’s “Eki Naka” aka “in-station shopping”. 


Hamamonyo (Featured Item)

These manus towels bearing convey colorful prints used a especial stencil dyeing technique  named "Nassen" as well as was developed inwards Yokohama.

There is also a fashion corner. 

“Platform for existent Japan, platform for existent communication”.

Enjoy authentic Japanese favourites as well as larn your go itinerary sorted out all nether ane roof.

v Wallich Street, #01-20/21 Tanjong Pagar Centre, Singapore
Opening hours: 11am to 5pm 
Retail, Take-out, Rail pass: 11am to 8pm

The cafe is looking to extend opening hours beyond 5pm inwards the upcoming months afterwards December's soft opening

Please cheque their FB for constant updates on the opening hours


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