Things to do in Singapore: Singapore Michelin-Starred Hong Kong Soy Sauce Chicken & Noodle (Chinatown)

Finally had this famous ane Michelin-starred eatery off my checklist. 
I am certain yous locals in addition to tourists alike would have, past times now, long heard of Hong Kong Soy Sauce Chicken.
Located on the 2d degree inside the Chinatown Food Complex, this hawker stall created quite a stir ( a positive one) when it was conferred the ane star Michelin award inward the Inaugural Michelin Guide 2016. Ever since the announcement, Singaporean foodies only went "crazy" in addition to its popularity basically scored fifty-fifty higher than before.
 It's non oftentimes yous tin discovery such affordable hawker nutrient pinned amongst such award in addition to of course of didactics everyone became curious. We were no exception in addition to wanted to sense of savor how expert it truly was. 
The Wait
Expect long queues in addition to a long, long wait. We started queuing at 930am in addition to at that topographic point were others already waiting inward line. And heed yous the stall was exclusively starts operations at 1030am.  
We were eventually the seventh inward queue past times the fourth dimension they served their offset client at 1040am.

Excruciating Wait
It was some other long in addition to excruciating await for some other 45mins earlier our plough came in addition to nosotros got our orders past times 1130am. We stood at that topographic point ( forever). Sure, yous tin direct keep turns standing inward line, but well, yous instruct the idea.
 Total waiting time: 2hours

I wondered why it took in addition to thence long for Mr Chan Hon Meng, the famous expression upwards in addition to possessor behind the brand, to serve the chicken. Sure, possibly customers inward front end were ordering huge quantities- I spotted aunties ordering similar v packets of the chicken in addition to roast meat whatnot- or possibly that's exactly the mensuration he works? At 1030am ( the opening hours), the chicken were non hanged in addition to displayed despite the long queue already waiting. It wasn't till 1040am that things were inward place. Factor inward fourth dimension when people guild noodles in addition to these direct keep to locomote cooked... phew.. well. Things were pretty boring despite witnessing the heavy crowd. 
So if the start was equally such, it was no wonder that throughout the day, the mensuration was non able to choice up. Repeat that daily in addition to everything exactly drags on. 

There was truly a lady ( In dark below. Daughter of Mr Chan perhaps) who helmed the caput ot the queue to build certain no funny people tried to jump queue in addition to passed on orders. 

The display of chicken in addition to char siews.
 Looking appealing but I bet patrons were all hungry from the long wait.

The Orders
Finally nosotros got our nutrient in addition to couldn't await to tuck in. 
Half chicken $7 in addition to Soy sauce Drumstick Noodle $3. 
Sure, the chicken didn't disappoint in addition to was in addition to thence shine yous tin swallow without chewing (for a  thin slice, that is). Tender in addition to chewy, the pare was colored inward glistering soy sauce in addition to grease. It was good.
The noodle was springy in addition to coated inward sugariness sauce in addition to oil. It was tangy in addition to the chili was a expert complement for the meat in addition to noodle. 

For the pricing, it's inarguably the cheapest Michelin starred nutrient yous tin instruct in addition to the sense of savor was great. But good unfortunately, for the fourth dimension spent, at that topographic point wouldn't locomote a minute fourth dimension anytime presently if I direct keep to pass some other ii hours exactly to direct keep chicken rice. 
Besides, if yous walk approximately Chinatown Food Complex, at that topographic point are in addition to thence many other Soy Sauce Chicken Rice stalls in addition to for the same pricing! I wouldn't discount them in addition to said theirs are non expert because, yous know to us novice foodies, Chicken Rice only tasted quite the same in addition to exactly equally nifty inward general. Time is to a greater extent than crucial a component subdivision here. 

 So, yup been there, done that.
Time to motion on to other yummies. 

P.S: Yes, the oestrus is in addition to thence nifty Mr Chan is laid to opened upwards a dine-in restaurant- Hawker Chan- laid to opened upwards past times mid-November and will locomote located at 78 Smith Street inward Chinatown. See CNA study for to a greater extent than details.

Liao Fan Hong Kong Soy Sauce Chicken & Noodle
Blk 335, Smith Street #02-126, Chinatown Food Complex, 
Singapore 050335

Opening Hours: 10:30am to 7:00pm (Mon – Tues, Thurs – Fri)
 8:30am to 7:00pm (Sat – Sun)
Closed Wed


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