Things to do in Singapore: Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe — Authentic & Wholesome Thai Cuisine

Missing Thailand?
The skilful folks from Spicy Thai had a grouping of us over for some delish Thai nutrient too it was only awesome. Set upwards yesteryear a Singaporean Ron Poh, he had his chefs invited all the agency from Thailand to whip upwards all these authentic localized dishes, taking inspirations from Isan, a share inwards Northeastern Thailand. Isan is a share amongst nutrient tastes heavily influenced yesteryear the nearby Laos, so hold off spicer but thankfully non overly salty versions here at Spicy Thai. 

Here's a peek on what nosotros had.

Deep Fried Kang Kong $10
If you lot stimulate got difficulties cajoling your kids to stimulate got their veggies, this won't hold upwards a work when the veggies become deep-fried. Coated amongst batter, this is Asian nutrient goes Japanese style. The typical stir fry sambal Kang Kong goes into tempura mode. Who would stimulate got known? 
Crispy Kang Kong Tempura? Cheers! 

Northeastern Thai Style Mango Salad 
with Fermented Fish & Crab $10
Not many dare to endeavour this salad version when they realized in that place is "fermented" ingredients inwards it, which powerfulness relate to pungent smelling etc. We however, gamely took on the challenge to endeavour something new. 
Seriously? It was good. This is a skilful appetiser too comes bully when accompanied amongst white rice. The sweetness of the mango too savory from the fermentation sacue makes a bully perk-me-up. The inspiration comes from mango salad that the farmers at Isan ofttimes had amongst mucilaginous rice. In Singapore, nosotros hardly volition mixed it amongst mucilaginous rice too therefore the modifications. 

Lala (Clams) Bee Hoon $18
This clam bee hoon is a hot favourite amidst many of us too we slurped it all clean. The sweet, fresh
clams were definitely good embroiled amongst the stock base of operations too bee hoon. 
Must Try! 

Claypot Coconut Tom Yum Soup $18
How could nosotros non stimulate got tom yum soup when associating amongst Thai food? 
Spicy, tasty soup amongst seafood inwards boil leads to a real satisfied stomach. 
For adults the spiciness was on-point but for kids it powerfulness hold upwards exactly hold upwards on the spicier side.

Hommok (Thai Style Otak) $18
Otah Otah! 
Contained inwards a "cute" kokosnoot husk amongst large chunks of fish too other seafood inwards a spicy paste. This is the classic thai otah. Very creamy too rich amongst the kokosnoot milk topped. 

Jade Noodles $12 (New item)
We were introduced to a yummy novel add-on — Jade Noodles. 
Spinach noodles stir-fry amongst meatballs too minced meat. Personally, I favored this equally well! 
It was an tardily sense of savour to similar amongst the wok-hei too all. 

BBQ Pork Belly $18
Char Siew? Yes similar. 
The pork belly slices were BBQ over charcoal till charred too smokey covered inwards sweetness BBQ sauce. The slices where exactly of the correct thickness with good amount of fats mixed amongst lean meat for that juicy bite. 
It was that good.
Dip amongst the spicy sacue for a savoury touch

Thai Walking Catfish amongst Spicy Lemon Soup $35
You know I am a fish lover? Well, either way, yep I am.
So imagine, I was actually happy amongst the whole presentation. The whole fish was theater too succulent, non to advert the fresh sweetness was a perfect agree together amongst the tangy spicy lemon soup.
 Yes again, you lot volition give away that it was cooked nether charcoal grill. 
 Unique, no?
Very few, if any, actually uses charcoal to gear upwards their nutrient now. But the owner, amongst his conclusion inwards preserving the most authentic shape of Thai cuisine, did non heed taking the extra steps inwards preparations.

BBQ Japanese Squid Seasonal Price 

We had ane to a greater extent than to become earlier the desserts.
BBQ squids! Tangy chewy too so delectable. I should stimulate got zoomed inwards on the sauce but yep that was some powerful punch of a sauce.
Once again, the chargrill is fragrant too this homemade dip definitely raised the BBQ squid up.
We dear it.

Cha Om (Thai Dill Omelette) $10
A favourite for everyone immature too old, ane tin plough over the sack never become incorrect amongst omelette. What's special is that the dill used were particularly sourced from Thailand. The possessor keeps things existent yesteryear trying to import equally much equally the local ingredients over equally possible. 


Cool yourself downwards later all the hearty dishes. There are many to need from but nosotros were recommended the below.
My favourite has to hold upwards the Tapioca Coconut Milk too the icy Lemongrass Jelly.
Ending things on a sweetness Federal Reserve annotation definitely.

Sticky Rice amongst Mango $8

Red Ruby $4

Lemongrass Jelly amongst Aloe Vera Cubes & Calamansi $3

Tapioca inwards Coconut Milk $4

Location & Facilities
Spicy Thai has been approximately for five years summation too has been good received yesteryear residents nearby. The servings were generous too the pricing economical. Taste was awesome equally good too in that place actually was zippo to complain nigh really. 
 Spotting a spacious store front, the cafe tin plough over the sack easily adjust a huge political party of diners.
Drop yesteryear for economical, authentic Thai cuisine!

The cafe unfortunately is off the mainstream location, off Aljunied. But if skilful nutrient is your principal motivation, so endeavour to caput over to this Spicy Thai.
For me I alighted at Paya Lebar station too took a fifteen mins walk over. It was non hard too is located correct behind the swimming complex. Easy!
Or you lot tin plough over the sack need to stimulate got a bus downwards from Aljunied or Paya Lebar station, exactly ii stops away. 

Share amongst me your sense if you lot stimulate got already been in that place before!

Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe
Blk 115 Aljunied Avenue 2
Singapore 380115
Tel : +65 6747 8558
Opens Daily from xi a.m. to 12 a.m.


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