Things to do in Singapore: What To Meet At Singapore Biennale 2016 (Press Conference)

An Atlas of Mirrors
The Singapore Biennale returns equally a four- month-long contemporary fine art exhibition at Singapore Arts Museum (SAM) from 27 Oct 2016 to 26 Feb 2017.
Titled 'An Atlas of Mirrors' the topic explores the challenges inwards the part as well as how Southeast Asia tin overstep live a advantage signal where nosotros tin start anew.
58 artworks over xix countries participated. 

I was honored to live business office of the opening guests for a showtime paw persuasion of the exhibits

Here's what went on at our guided tour. We met the artists behind the industrial plant as well as they walked us through on the inspirations behind the inception, led yesteryear SAM curator Ms Joyce Toh as well as Creative Director Dr Susie Lingham

I Wander, I Wonder | Dex Fernandez
Probes on what lies behind the compulsion to concur on to 'useless' objects inwards the Philippines yesteryear people who survives the typhoon. What are the items they tin convey along or travel out behind, mirrors the objects becoming 'unintended mirrors' of self.

Paracosmos| Harumi Yukutake
You won't girlfriend this at the staircase leading upward to the upper degree of the SAM.
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 infinite of simultaneity. Reflections of a unmarried icon into an explosions of reflections. Seemingly hither but soundless existence 'nowhere' inwards itself.

Good Boy Bad Boy| Chou Shih Hsiung
Behind the paintings/mirrors prevarication heavy night crude oil ( yes you lot read that right), 
Do you lot Know?
Each mirror panel weighs 250kg
The Oil provide manufacture has been a necktie for the creative someone as well as his identify unit of measurement business. 
Always fluid, soundless gives viewers the peril to explore self-reflection.

Age of Discovery| Qiu Zhi Jie
Voyages as well as monsters; fright as well as temptations.

Look out for handblown drinking glass bestiary of fantastical monsters, traversing betwixt mountains as well as seas. 

History Repeats Itself |Titarubi 
With the setting against the colonial conquest inwards SEA, the ships are modeled precisely  from the burning ships inwards Republic of Indonesia yesteryear Dutch East Republic of Republic of India Company inwards an endeavor to seize spice merchandise control, dorsum during the European colonialism period.

These figures atop the ships get got robes made of GOLD-plated nutmeg, a spice worth its weight inwards gilded dorsum inwards those times.  Nutmegs came from East of Indonesia.
Do you lot Know?
The creative someone was not able to coat nutmegs alongside gilded and thus she has to copperplate the nutmegs showtime earlier they tin live coated yesteryear the terminal layer of gold.
Talk most the difficult travel behind it all.
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 night mirror to our present 

The creative someone herself was at that spot sharing alongside us her thoughts.

Do you lot know?
The hollow figures stand upward for neither manful someone or female. 
The hollow centre has a birdcage-lookalike which was made to mimic trapping someone inside. 
9000 nutmegs were threaded together for a unmarried figurine

Hop on over to the 8Q as well as to a greater extent than wonderful regain of the atlas as well as mirrors await.

Knitting the Future| Chia Chuyia
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 creative slice from this creative someone from Selangor, Malaysia. 
This is a functioning slice which sae the creative someone knitting a body-length garment out of LEEKS ( yes you lot read it right) for over v weeks.
Why leeks?
In chinese terms, leeks are known equally 'suan' inwards Standard Mandarin as well as signifies 'to count' alongside coin to keep. By knitting she wants to personify the trunk equally a slice of province yesteryear protecting the trunk alongside clothing, akin to protecting the province from which crops grow.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 combination of artworks at the 2d level 
Witness to Paradise| Various artists

Unwalked Boundaries| S. Chandrasekaran
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 travel yesteryear our local artist.
Mr Chandrasekaran explores the trunk as well as identity as well as dates dorsum to Indian convicts who from 1825 to 1873 were transported to Singapore when they served their judgement equally manual labourers. 

Accessories for the artisit to personify the 19th century Indian convict, contained inwards the drinking glass showcase.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 walk functioning detailing the quondam location of the convict prison, all contained within the bras-Basah-Bugis area.
Do you lot know?
The listed places were all heavily contributed yesteryear Indian manual convicts.

Soap Blocked| Htein Lin
What viewers encounter earlier them is a may of Myanmar created yesteryear the creative someone using bars of soaps. What's to a greater extent than stunning was that each lather were sculpted a figure of a captive human figure, trapped within the 4 walls, reflecting the uprising of 1988

Dislocate |Bui Cong Khanh
This installation almost couldn't instruct inwards due to transportation issues at the customs.
Nevertheless, nosotros were glad it came. More than only existence massive, it's the intricate details that actually grab the eyes. 
Do you lot know?
Be inwards awe alongside this handcrafted, paw carved yesteryear the creative someone as well as carpenters as well as woodcarvers over 2 years. The woods comes from jackfruit treees. 

The installation brings most the harmony of the artist's heritage as well as origins. Combining the woods craftsmanship of his ancestral province inwards Fujian, China alongside the cultural identity of fundamental Vietnam.

What looks seemingly at repose as well as at peace has signs of violence inwards them. 
Look closely as well as you lot volition spot weapons similar guns, cannons as well as grenades

Inscription of the Island| Lim Soo Ngee
Another slice yesteryear our local talent.
This fist represents Lim's imagination most how at that spot should live a statue that guided ships during the colonial periods. 

It may live unknown, but parallel projects from the Singapore Biennale includes industrial plant at Hermès Aloft (Lido) correct at the upper deck.
Titled Here from Here | Agathe de Bailliencourt
Being inwards the present.
These individually painted gravel pieces, layered as well as arranged to cast an abstract landscape, projecting a yesteryear as well as futurity without conflict.

Many to a greater extent than industrial plant to explore. Will portion to a greater extent than when I caput downwards again. Follow me on Instagram at @jiahuimuses for more! 

Head on to the Singapore Biennale
Adult: $20 or $15 ( Singaporean/ PR) 
Concessions ( Elderly, students) $10 or $7.50


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