Things to do in Singapore: [What's Upward Singapore] Iv Iconic Spots Inside Walking Distances At Toa Payoh Fundamental

We went on a photograph trip in addition to got to know to a greater extent than virtually Singapore's oldest town- Toa Payoh. 
Here are about recommendations for a piddling walk within the town central.

1. Blk 79
Perched upward high on the highest HDB ( authorities flats) from Block 79A to 79E inwards Toa Payoh Central amongst a superlative of forty stories. It is definitely amazing to locate a panoramic heaven garden upward amid the flats st marking 12 in addition to to realize that this concept happens means dorsum when the town hall was starting fourth dimension built inwards the 80s, earlier Pinnacle @Duxton was fifty-fifty conceptualized. 

The tallest edifice looking correct inwards your confront from afar is the Housing Development Board ( HDB) Main office.

If y'all are lucky, y'all tin select handgrip of about colors of the skies. 
Here's to the correct of the HDB building...
...And to the left.

Looking downwardly from the twelfth storey.
Finally if y'all await UP!
Yes, it's a 360deg cervix rotation practise for you. =)

2. Block 157 
We thus went to the expanse where Block 153 to 157 is. These blocks are known for it's curved structured in addition to a rather curt amongst a i means narrow corridor 
From the highest floor, it overlooks to the Toa Payoh Bus Interchange.

And besides overlooks to the Toa Payoh Tower located within the Toa Payoh Park. No longer opening to public, it was known to offering spectacular views of the park, standing at a superlative of 27m. 

Yes, barely noticeable upon surrounded yesteryear the taller cousins around. 

A typical Singaporean Lifestyle
More photos from the block itself, along the walkway. 

3. Toa Payoh Park in addition to Toa Payoh Tower
As y'all carrying on walking towards the Toa Payoh Park from blk 157 ( but a five minutes walk across the street), nation howdy to the the tower upward close!
Such a peculiar, futuristic construction built inwards the 80s. 
Wouldn't y'all nation so?

Take a stroll in addition to admire the greeneries inwards the commons amidst a large pond. 
4. Dragon Playground
Finally, walk towards the Toa Payoh Swimming pool's direction in addition to along Lorong vi Toa Payoh route to accomplish the Dragon Playground.
An iconic representation of Toa Payoh amongst its brilliant colors in addition to all.

We besides spotted a filming crew there.

The piddling tour ends here, at that topographic point afterwards which y'all tin caput dorsum to Toa Payoh Central for a makan break.
Have fun exploring Singapore!


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