Things to do in Singapore: [Whats Upward Singapore] Wake Upward Amongst Zesperi ( Kiwi Nosotros Like!)

Yes this is agency #THROWBACK but the ger as well as I had a happy wonderful fourth dimension doing unopen to stretching  at Zesperi's starting fourth dimension e'er 'Wake Up With Zesperi' event. Held on v June at Empress Lawn amongst Sir Stamford Raffles looking downwards at us doing our poses as well as all, the Lord's Day started brilliant as well as early on for many of the attendees who looked forrard to starting the 24-hour interval cheerily amongst Zesperi. 
Of course, the primary star of the result was Pilates guru Cassey Ho from USA amongst many supporters who came all the agency to encounter her. She was awesome of course of report amongst her bubbly energetic vocalism booming over the champaign during her 1hr session amongst the crowd. Thereafter, the organizers also kindly rewarded the crowd amongst a photography session amongst Cassey! The trouble was likewise long yet as well as nosotros didn't bring together inwards the queue. 

The Zesperi result was an open-for-all result (with no result fees) as well as it was a fun fourth dimension where everyone tin laissez passer the axe bring together inwards ( though nosotros spotted to a greater extent than oftentimes than non females). What's to a greater extent than was the generosity of Zesperi inwards pampering the crowd amongst lots of Zesperi kiwi products! From granola, to yogurt as well as popsicles, nosotros were gleefully spoilt as well as I intend everyone only enjoyed indulging inwards those Vitamin C goodness. Attendees also got to convey habitation kiwis likewise
I dare said this was agency much improve organized than the many paid-runs that nosotros attended. 

We tin laissez passer the axe solely pray that such awesome matrimony of fitness cum kiwis volition provide ane time again adjacent year! 
Visuals below. Enjoy! 

There were fifty-fifty cheerleaders to convey surprising thank you lot to the crowd 

The foodie corner. Many Zespri Kiwi treats.

There were fifty-fifty Zespri Kiwi mats! 

Attendees were also able to teach their calligraphy done! How thoughtful.

Kids were non left out as well as they flora joy inwards riding the Zesperi Kiwi inspirsired bikes! 
Such inventiveness as well as fun inclusive for everyone inwards the family. Thumbs upwards to such brillant ideas.

Even hammocks were there, as well as thence chill!! 

The Guru herself Cassey Ho! 

With her adoring fans... 

Stay inwards deport upon amongst them on their FB for updates on to a greater extent than interesting events from Zesperi! 
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