Things to do in Singapore: Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Fu ( Chinatown Complex Nutrient Centre)

Yong Tau Foo Gem
Another jewel spotted at Chinatown Complex Food Centre was this Yong Tau Fu (YTF) stall. Why I, bring non always stepped nutrient inwards Chinatown Food Centre for over x years was merely a mystery. Thanks to HK Soy Sauce Chicken, I i time flora gems inwards this house i time again.

Hidden correct at a blind corner of the nutrient centre, which many would otherwise non bring stepped human foot in, is this snaking long queue spotted during the crowded luncheon hours. And I youngster yous not. The queue went all the means amongst similar x over pax inwards queue. Look at the tables together with yous volition location patrons having this bowls of YTF amongst ikan bills. Well, that surely spiked my involvement inwards bespeak this auntie where she bought it from. 

We laid upwardly human foot twice, on roughly other twenty-four hr menses at 2pm addition when the luncheon crowd dispersed to bring roughly other soupy fulfilment of the YTF. 

Slurrpy Delight
Seemingly ordinary inwards appearance, the sense of savor is anything but. Put it simply, it was sweet, clear soup boiled amongst fish bones possibly, amongst the tasty tofu together with fish-stuffed beancurd pieces. 
It has been a patch since I tasted such delectable clear stock.
For $3 amongst beehoon/noodles, yous larn half-dozen pcs or 8pcs for all the tofus together with tau poks.
What I actually adored actually was the crunchy ikan bilis on come about the evidently unproblematic beehoon.
Non stirred-fried inwards heavy crude oil similar vegetarian bee hoon, this is bee hoon drained inwards hot H2O simply. 
Simple, Light soup
If yous are cleansing your intestine later all the heavy indulgence, this is the soup to become for. 
Bland, roughly may think, but skillful plenty for me specially since yous tin move spice upwardly amongst their garlicky- chili sauce. 
Bland is improve than salty right?

Chinatown Complex Food Centre 
545am to 3pm, Everyday


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