Airline Review : Wing Scoot Dreamliner From Singapore To Sydney

New Zealand Cruise . 2017 . November 14

This post is business office of our New Zealand Cruise Trip Report as well as Itinerary. Do cheque out the sum itinerary as well as our reviews here

I’ve lost runway of the lay out of times nosotros traveled on Scoot. In fact, since Scoot started equally a depression toll budget carrier for medium as well as long-haul flights, we’ve been taking Scoot to diverse destinations 1 time the alternative becomes available.

Our preferred airline for travelling to Commonwealth of Australia is Scoot, mainly because nosotros felt nosotros demand non pay for a sum service flying for a finish which is quite around abode (home is Singapore) as well as hence has a manageable flying time, as well as generally because the timings of most of these Scoot flights were quite suitable for our needs.

Fly Scoot Boeing B787 Dreamliners (Credits:
So yes, 1 time again, nosotros were on a Scoot flying to Sydney (again!). Sydney is no stranger to us, because we’ve been at that spot inwards May 2013 – non really recent, I know, but the urban heart was nevertheless essentially the same. This fourth dimension though, Sydney would only last a stop-over for us, equally we embark on our cruise to beautiful as well as unique New Zealand via Princess Cruises.

This was truly our sixth trip on Scoot, the previous ones are: 

For the Budget Traveler

Keeping toll depression without compromising also much on comfort is ever our priority when nosotros travel.
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 brace of render tickets (Singapore to Sydney as well as back) toll us SGD $1000, as well as this was inclusive of taxes, spot choice as well as administrative charges.

It ever pays to expect out for Scoot’s advertisement which happens on every Tuesday of the calendar week (and announced on Monday), as well as inwards this instance, equally inwards for past times instances, the tickets were bought during Scoot’s fare promotion. It also pays if you lot tin dismiss create upward one's heed early on, at the betoken of booking, your requirements amongst regard to luggage as well as meals on-board.

Scoot Insider (Credits:
For us, nosotros took Scoot’s fare packet Fly Bag Eat which gives us a 20kg check-in luggage allowance each addition a repast for each of us on board. This is on top of the 2-piece mitt bear allowance which limits every rider to a handbag as well as a laptop bag, totally at most 10 kg.

Fly Scoot Fly Bag Eat Baggage Allowance (Credits:
Of course, at that spot are other customisations equally well, for instance, you lot tin dismiss select to solely majority a ticket amongst Scoot without the add-ons, or you lot could select to add together on the luggage allowance solely amongst the Fly Bag bundle. It all truly depends on your ain needs. If you lot select non conduct maintain upward the packet at the betoken of booking, you lot tin dismiss nevertheless add together on the diverse components, but this volition come upward at a slightly higher toll than if you lot had bought the packet at the get-go instance. At the terminate of the day, nosotros flora that amongst the Fly Bag Eat packet which makes our move close equivalent to that on a sum service airline, the toll was nevertheless lower than most of the sum service airlines.

Convenient Web Check-In

From the sense gained earlier the flying to Taipei/Kaohsiung, spider web check-in is indeed essential if you lot desire to avoid the crowd as well as salve valuable fourth dimension at the airdrome (which I could purpose for shopping as well as dining!).

Web check-in is available for all Scoot flights departing from Singapore, provided you lot belong to 1 of the next groups:
  • Individual or grouping travellers (excluding move agent bookings)
  • Guests amongst solely carry-on baggage or check-in baggage
  • Point-to-point journeys ( flying connections)
  • Bookings made through, Scoot Call Centre or 3rd-party move websites
It is unfortunately non available for the next groups:
  • Guests who require particular assistance
  • Bookings made through grouping move agents
  • Journeys amongst multiple connecting flights
  • Standby, staff as well as duty move bookings
  • Guests who conduct maintain purchased MaxYourSpace
  • Guests who are awaiting confirmation of their MaxYourSpace or Bid four Biz purchases
  • Guests travelling amongst infants

In contrast to our previous sense where check-in was done solely at the counter, amongst the spider web check-in, nosotros could minimize the fourth dimension spent at the check-in counter. Everything was a breeze equally all nosotros needed to practise was to proceed to conduct maintain our luggages weighed (to ensure it did non function past times the weight limits) as well as for us to sentinel it expire on the conveyor belt to last safely loaded onto the plane.

The Scoot Dreamliner Flight Experience

We had experienced Scoot’s B787 dreamliner aircraft during our previous trips, as well as so this interior cabin was really familiar to us.

Legroom at our economic scheme shape spot was really sufficient for a petite lady of 1.6 metres (5.2 feet), as well as for a human of 1.8 metres (5.9 feet) as well as nosotros were pretty comfortable throughout the flying fourth dimension of seven hours.

The characteristic that I loved most on these B787s were the windows which does non purpose the traditional pull-down window shades, but uses command buttons to permit you lot select the flat of tint that you lot desire for your windows. It’s perfect for people similar me who doesn’t similar the glare of the heaven but who nevertheless wants to conduct handgrip of a glimpse of the clouds outside.

The diverse move magazines as well as in-flight shopping catalogue inwards Scoot. Scoot, beingness a subsidiary of the SIA group, has latterly aligned their in-flight shopping to that of SIA, as well as so the items for sale looked to last similar.

If you lot are bored, why non reckon ScooTV, which allows for movies as well as TV streaming to your ain device at a toll of USD$11. For budget travelers similar ourselves, nosotros would recommend loading your device amongst your ain videos get-go if you lot truly demand that variety of amusement during the flight.

The Scoot Meal

With the Fly Bag Eat bundle, nosotros already had our meals pre-selected as well as ordered prior to the flight. Although you lot nevertheless tin dismiss gild off the card during the flight, surely selections, such equally my Tom Yum Fried Rice are available solely through pre-selection.

Our sum repast of Nasi Lemak as well as Tom Yum Fried Rice set. Each laid comes amongst a drinkable as well as a large bar of Ritter Sport chocolate.

I’ve ever enjoyed Scoot’s on-board meals, as well as this 1 was no exception. This was inwards fact the most satisfying on-board repast I had, as well as I must say, Scoot did a truly fantastic undertaking amongst their Tom Yum Fried Rice. Thumbs up! Unfortunately, this alternative was non available for the render flying from Sydney, or else I would conduct maintain treated myself to a minute circular of this.

Final Verdict

Scoot latterly merged amongst Tigerair, as well as continued operations nether the Scoot brand. The merger did non disrupt whatsoever of its Blue Planet operations, as well as equally always, nosotros enjoyed our Scoot flight. We volition conduct maintain Scoot 1 time to a greater extent than if at that spot is a fare promotion.

Join us side past times side equally we cheque inwards Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel for a nighttime remain earlier our cruise!

This post is business office of our New Zealand Cruise Trip Report as well as Itinerary. Do cheque out the sum itinerary as well as our reviews here

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