Pekanbaru Trip – Prologue

Silkair service to Pekanbaru was transferred to Scoot too Scoot advertisement render ticket starts from $51 which is inclusive of taxes. Pekanbaru is never inward my listing to catch until my ex-colleague brought it to my attending when Peknabaru was featured on Smartlocal. The places which Smartlocal visited looks interesting which prompted me to search for dates over the National twenty-four hours weekend. Surprisingly, advertisement ticket was available, thus nosotros alone conduct keep to accept 1 twenty-four hours off for this 4 days trip. This is a gals trip too at that topographic point are vi of us including my sis, my iii ex-colleagues too my ex-colleague's friend.

Pekanbaru is the upper-case missive of the alphabet of Indonesian say of Riau too is the tertiary largest metropolis inward Sumatra subsequently Medan too Palembang. Currently, it is served past times Scoot too Jetstar from Singapore too flying fourth dimension is alone 55 instant which is fifty-fifty shorter than the flying to KL.
Map of Pekanbaru (Source: Worldatlas)

In Pekanbaru, nosotros volition last staying ane nighttime at Swiss-Belinn SKA Pekanbaru. The hotel is straight reverse SKA mall which is currently the largest shopping centre inward Pekanbaru. The charge per unit of measurement for a deluxe room is IDR560,000 S$56 per nighttime inclusive of breakfast.

We volition last staying at Harau valley Abdi Homestay for the adjacent two nights. The possessor quoted me IDR700,000 S$70 for a 4 bedrooms cottage which tin plow over the axe adjust vi people too is inclusive of breakfast. As both the electronic mail too hp release (+62 852 63781842) are listed on the website, I tried to contact the owner, Ikbal using both method but Ikbal alone replied my whatsapp too response is prompt. Do banknote that at that topographic point are no air-conditioner too pilus dryer provided inward the cottage. As ane of my colleague is used to sleeping inward air-conditioner, I asked Ikbal if fan is available. He replied that it's non hot at nighttime too they alone conduct keep ane fan available.

I could non notice contact of Pekanbaru drivers online too conduct keep emailed Smartlocal for the driver whom they conduct keep engaged. We volition last engaging driver Hendrix (Hp: +62 812 7656286) for this trip. Initially Hendrix quoted me IDR700,000 S$70 per twenty-four hours inside the metropolis too IDR1,000,000 S$100 to Harau village. But upon scream for further, the charge per unit of measurement he quoted was for Avanza motorcar which tin plow over the axe alone sits 4 people. The charge per unit of measurement for vi seater motorcar per twenty-four hours inside the metropolis is IDR1,000,000 S$100 and IDR1,500,000 S$150 to Harau village.

Itinerary for this trip: 
Day 1: Reach Pekanbaru at 10.55am (GMT +7), Idrus Tintin Art Pavilion, Bukit Pelangi (Rainbow Hills), Riau Fantasi
Day 2: HS Soeman Library, Masjid Agung An Nur Riau Province, Candi Muara Takus, Bukit Wisata Kelok Indah, Harau Valley
Day 3: Harau Valley Kelok 9, Echo cliff, Sarasah Aka Barayun, Sarasah Harau, Sarasah Aia Luluih, Sarasah Bunta, Sarasah Murai too Sarasah Aia Angek
Day 4: Depart Pekanbaru @ 5.35pm (GMT +7)

Budget for this trip S$350: 
- S$50 for accommodation 
- S$100 for transport 
- S$10 for admission
- S$100 for food 
- S$90 for miscellaneous

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