Penang & Ipoh Trip – Prologue

I was thinking of escaping from Singapore during the Xmas long weekend too married adult man agreed amongst my route trip proffer to Ipoh. Thus I asked my sister spell married adult man asked his friend Samuel to bring together us for this route trip.

Initially I entirely planned to watch Ipoh but was extended to four days to includes Penang equally Samuel has non been to Penang. I was contemplating to start our trip at Penang or Ipoh. After or too thence thoughts too research, I decided to start from Penang too cease the trip at Ipoh equally it makes feel to go farther first.

I convey booked the start two nights accommodation at Chulia Mansion in Penang too the terminal nighttime at French Hotel in Ipoh. I select to remain inwards these two hotels equally they are located inwards Georgetown too Ipoh town respectively too the primary element is the carpark since nosotros are driving. Chulia Mansion has it's ain carpark too French hotel provides gratis parking at a guarded automobile common which is 2min walking distance away.

I convey used the Plus Toll calculator to calculate the North-South spear terms too is fairly accurate. As this is a foodie route trip, the attractions which nosotros volition visiting is limited.

Itinerary for this trip:

Day 1: SIN -> Penang, Upside Down museum
Day 2: Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang Hill
Day 3: Perak Tong Temple, Kek Lok Tong, Sam Poh Tong Temple, Kellie Castle
Day 4: Ipoh -> SIN

>>Day 1: 24 December 16


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